Regional Committee Program

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The Regional Committee Program was introduced at the 2003 Grand Chapter Conference by the Chapter Development Committee (now the National Development Committee). Regional development continues to be a vital component of the continued growth and success of Phi Sigma Pi. The Regional Committee Program establishes the structure for Regional Committees within Phi Sigma Pi.


Regional Committees were developed to create a structure that focuses on and fosters regional development within Phi Sigma Pi. These committees provide an avenue that allows individual chapters and members to actively participate in the development of their respective region. In addition, these committees will promote strength as well as an outlet for communication and promotion of ideas outside of National Convention/Grand Chapter.

Each regional committee:

  • Expands the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi on a regional basis
  • Instills regional awareness within each given region
  • Promotes and fosters communication and interaction between chapters in a given region
  • Develops, plans, and implements regional conferences and events for the given region
  • Provides each chapter within a given region the opportunity to host a regional conference

Each Regional Committee establishes a communication plan for the given region as well as developing, planning, and implementing regional conferences and events.

Committee Membership

The committee is made up of one delegate from each chapter in the region. This delegate participates in the online meetings and keeps his/her chapter up to date on the Regional Conference as well as other ICR events.