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Regions are required to hold a Regional Conference every year. Regional Committees, made up of Regional Delegates, Alumni Regional Delegates, and Regional Conference Advisors plan events to allow Brothers the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and attend informational seminars. Other benefits of the conferences include:

Midsouth Regional Conference at UGA, Spring 2008
  • Developing relationships with Brothers from other nearby chapters
  • Building personal leadership skills
  • Exchanging ideas between chapters for attendees to take back to their own chapter
  • Chapter and Self Improvement
  • Discussing local, regional, and National Issues

The Phi Sigma Pi Regions are geographical groupings of chapters. All active chapters are assigned to a region. The region system was originally created in 2001 under 2000-2002 Vice President of Chapter Development Michael-Andrew Noll; Since that time region assignments have been modified as new chapters have been activated in order to maintain a balanced setup.

The Regions were first created in 2001 under the 38th Empowered Council and were formally announced at the 2001 Grand Chapter Conference at Ohio State University. The Regional Conference system was established to facilitate local chapter communication and collaboration, with certain conferences such as WICKED being established even before the formal creation of the Regional Conference. Eventually, amendments to the National Constitution would state each region is required to hold a Regional Conference every year.

Five Star Regional Conference Guideline

The goal for Regional Conferences is to mirror a National Convention. In order to set the standard for Regional Conferences, the Five Star Regional Conference Guideline was created to raise the bar for all Regions. The Five Star Guideline includes a variety of categories for conferences to be judged on including planning, conference, and post-conference aspects. Regions reaching the Five Star Guideline are awarded and recognized at National Convention each year.

2012 Five Star Regional Conferences

2013 Five Star Regional Conferences

2014 Five Star Regional Conferences

List of Regional Conferences

Outstanding Regional Event Awards

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Regional Delegate Duties

The Regional Conference is planned by a group of Brothers known as the Regional Committee. In order to effectively plan a Regional Conference, each Chapter must select a Regional Delegate. This delegate will be the primary contact for Regional Conference planning. Each Chapter is free to establish its own selection process for its delegate. The expectations for being a Regional Delegate are as follows:

  • Attend Regional Committee Planning Meetings (send an alternate should he/she not be able to attend.)
  • Actively assist in the development, planning, and implementation of the Regional Conference and any other events or initiatives undertaken by the region.
  • Provide the Chapter with a report of the Regional Conference planning progress during each regularly scheduled Chapter meeting.
  • Give ideas, feedback, and input on any suggestions made for the Regional Conference.
  • Share Chapter opinions with the Regional Committee.

Regional Conference Advisor

The Regional Conference Advisor program, formerly known as the Regional Volunteer program, was created in Fall 2013 to increase opportunities for alumni to remain engaged at the regional level. Regional Conference Advisors are Alumni Members who act as mentors to the Regional Delegates. Regional Conference Advisors attend Regional Committee meetings to guide delegates throughout planning. Regional Conference Advisors also attend Regional Conferences to lead Leadership in Action events and assist delegates in implementing other events hosted at the conference. Applications for the position open each summer.