Regional Delegate

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For information on Delegates for the Grand Chapter, see the article titled Grand Chapter Delegate

The Regional Delegate is the primary contact for each chapter in Regional Conference planning. Regional Delegates are also referred to as Regional Committee Delegates. The responsibilities of the Regional Delegate are:

  • Attend Regional Council planning meetings (and send an alternate should he/she not be able to attend)
  • Actively assist in the development, planning, and implementation of the Regional Conference and any other events or initiatives undertaken by the region
  • Provide the Chapter with a report of Regional Conference planning progress during each regularly scheduled Chapter meeting
  • Give ideas, feedback, and input on any suggestions made for the Regional Conference (and vote on suggestions and ideas, if necessary)
  • Share Chapter opinions with the Regional Council
  • Any other duties, as assigned by the Delegate’s Chapter

Local Regional Conference Committee

To better ensure that all Chapters have an equal role in planning the region’s Regional Conference, each Chapter Regional Delegate (and consequently, a Delegate’s Local Regional Conference Committee) will be responsible for a specific component of the Regional Conference. Each Chapter is asked to set up a Local Regional Conference Committee. Chapters may wish to create a separate committee, or assign these duties to an existing committee within your Chapter.