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Rho Chapter (Founded 14 May 1934; Reactivated 25 March 1987) is located at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus Name. The chapter went inactive in 1997.

Chapter History

Past Presidents

Brother signing the roll book.
Brother signing the roll book.

Notable Alumni

National President (1948-1957, 1962-1964)
National Secretary (1950-1951)
National Vice President (1957-1959)
National President (1959-1961)
National Counselor (1961-1962)
National Historian (1964-1966)
National Treasurer (1935-1937)
Vice President of Membership Development (1994-1995)
National Historian (1935-1937)
National Historian (1988-1990)

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Rho Chapter Initiate Classes

Honorary Members

  • Charles Hart
  • Henry White Draper
  • Harold Ellsworth Warner
  • Joseph Alexander Murphy
  • Chester Winfield Holmes
  • Stephen Elliott Kramer
  • Lawson James Cantrell