Robert Fox

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Robert Fox
Name Robert Fox
Chapter Alpha Upsilon
University of South Carolina
Date Inducted Fall 2009
Roll Number 583
Alumni Chapter/Assoc NAA
Honorary Member
Major Psychology; minor: theater
Birthdate Nov 02, 1989
Nicknames RoFo
Awards Best BigLittle Pair Fall2011 and Spring2012

Robert M Fox (born 02 Nov 1989) is an Alumnus Member of Alpha Upsilon (AY 583) at the University of South Carolina.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

In the fall of 2009 the world was forever changed when Robert Fox joined the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at the University of South Carolina.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Upsilon (Fall 2009- Spring 2012)

  • Vice President Fall 2011-Spring 2012
  • Severed as Alternate Delegate at 2011 Grand Chapter
  • Social Chair Spring 2012
  • Organized 20th Founder's Day Weekend (Spring 2012)
  • Alumnus as of April, 17, 2012

National Involvement

Big and Littles

Robert's Big Brother is Bill Arndt, who is now off somewhere doing something, probably harassing Jonah Goodman

Robert has 2 Little Brothers:

Further Resources

  • other websites

Family Tree

The Shealy Family / Fox Clan
Jason Shealy
Alex Pate
Bill Arndt(Ψ)
Cory Alexander*(ΑΒ) Kragh Kelling* Joe Ryan*(ΑΔ) Robert Fox(ΑΜ)
William Lowman(ΑΠ) Phillip Allan(ΑΡ)
Amber Kesterson(ΑΡ) Joe Dunleavy(ΑΣ) Jonathan Kaufman*(ΑΤ) Brian Asbaty(ΑΤ) Jake Barber(ΑΤ)
Giovanni Dustin(ΑΣ) Eric Villeneuve*(ΑΤ) Patrick Rogers*(ΑΤ)
Kathleen Mackenzie*(ΑΤ)

*=Expelled or Resigned