Ryan DeGuzman

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Ryan DeGuzman
Ryan DeGuzman.jpg
Ryan at the East Region Conference 2007
Name Ryan DeGuzman
Chapter Alpha Iota
Montclair State University
Date Inducted April 2005
Roll Number ΑΙ 311
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Business Administration (Marketing and Management)
Birthdate April 24
Nicknames "Regional Ryan"
"The Supreme Deity also known as The Expansion God"

Ryan DeGuzman (born 24 April) is an Alumni Member of Alpha Iota Chapter (ΑΙ 311) at Montclair State University. Ryan has been involved with Phi Sigma Pi since January 2005. As an Alumni Member, Ryan remains heavily active; most recently, Ryan has been named the Director of Expansion as part of Phi Sigma Pi's National Staff.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Ryan graduated from Union High School in Spring 2003 and was enrolled at Montclair State University beginning September 2003. As a sophomore, Ryan wasn't looking to join any other campus organizations, but upon insistence from his good friend, Rachel Ivy Cartagena, he went to an Alpha Iota information session and became very interested in Phi Sigma Pi. Ryan rushed Phi Sigma Pi in Spring 2005 and subsequently was accepted as part of the Alpha Zeta initiate class. As a result, Ryan became a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi in Spring 2005 as part of the Alpha Zeta initiate class. After completing all Initiate requirements, Ryan was inducted into Phi Sigma Pi on April 3, 2005.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Iota Chapter

Upon induction, Ryan was immediately elected as the Chapter's Webmaster due to his technical background. During his first year as an Active Brother, he was part of the Fundraising and Historian committees. Ryan took on his only little in Spring 2006, Brandi Ragas. In his second year as an Active Brother, Ryan was elected as the Chapter Treasurer. Ryan never missed a scheduled Chapter meeting during his last year as an Active Brother and was awarded "Perfect Attendance" at the Chapter Formal at the end of the 2006 - 2007 academic year.

Positions Held

  • Webmaster, Spring 2005 - Spring 2007
  • Fundraising Co-Chair, Spring 2006
  • Treasurer, Spring 2006 - Spring 2007

Alumni Years to Present

In May 2007, Ryan was hired by Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity to serve as a Region Consultant. Since then, Ryan has held the following positions on National Staff:

National/Regional Involvement

Ryan was not too active at the National level during his first few months as a Brother. In 2006, the Alpha Iota Chapter was given the opportunity to assist with the reactivation of the Alpha Theta Chapter at Rutgers University and Ryan assisted at the Chapter's Induction Ceremony. During Ryan's senior year, he became more involved at the National level, attending events such as the 2006 National Convention and the 2007 East Region Conference before graduation.

National and Regional Events Attended

Phi Sigma Pi Family

Tracy, Ivy, and Brandi

Ryan's Big Brother is Ivy Cartagena. Ivy is Ryan's good friend from childhood and successfully persuaded Ryan to join Phi Sigma Pi in Spring 2005. In that same semester, Ivy took on a second little, Tracy Ronquillo. In Spring 2006, Ryan took on his only Little Brother, Brandi Ragas. Ivy, Tracy, and Brandi are all Alumni Brothers and Ryan still maintains a close friendship with all three.

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Ryan worked for Best Buy prior to becoming a Region Consultant for Phi Sigma Pi.
  • In addition to Phi Sigma Pi, Ryan was (and remains) heavily involved with the Unified Asian American Student Organization (UAASO) at Montclair State University, a group dedicated to enhancing awareness of the Asian culture in and around the Montclair area. Throughout his college career, he served as the Webmaster, Treasurer, and Vice President for UAASO.
  • Ryan appeared on the March 2, 2009 premiere of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a contestant on the segment "Lick it for Ten". Ryan received $10 in cash for licking a goldfish bowl.