Ryan Dincher

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Ryan Dincher
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Name Ryan Dincher
Chapter Zeta Phi
Iowa State University
Date Inducted January 15th 2013
Roll Number 17
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Computer Engineering
Birthdate March 21, 1993
Awards None

Ryan Dincher (born 21 March 1993) is an Collegiate Member/Alumni Member of Zeta Phi Chapter (Chapter roll #17) at Iowa State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Ryan Dincher decided to attend Iowa State for the engineering school and campus, Ryan arrived on campus in August of 2011 and got involved with starting the Zeta Phi Chapter in the Spring of 2012.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Phi Chapter

Ryan Served as the founding President of Zeta Phi after Ian Loomis and Stephanie Rupp graduated before Zeta Phi received its charter. Ryan also served as Fundraising Chair while Zeta Phi was a colony and as ICR/Regional Delegate.

Alumni Years to Present

Complete if applicable. Delete if not.

National Involvement

  • Regional Delegate for Spring 2013
  • Regional Delegate for the 2015 Conference
  • Host Coordinator for 2015 Regional Conferece

Bigs and Littles

Ryan was a member of Alpha class and has no bigs. Ryan also currently has no littles.

Further Resources

  • web page?

Other Interesting Facts

  • Ryan has completed a half-Marathon, Marathon, and Two Olympic distance triathlons