Ryan LeCloux

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Ryan LeCloux (born 3 February 1988) is an alumnus member of Beta Mu Chapter at George Washington University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Ryan attended The George Washington University starting in September 2006 after graduating from Southern Door High School in Brussels, WI. He then rushed and pledged Phi Sigma Pi as a member of the Alpha Epsilon class fall of his Junior year, in 2008. Upon completing the initiate requirements, Ryan was inducted as a member of the Beta Mu Chapter.

Collegiate Years at Beta Mu Chapter

Ryan served as a co-chair of the Scholarship Committee. While serving as co-chair, Ryan worked with Augusta Soehngen to plan such great events as a tour of the National Arboretum and a Spy/Espionage tour by the White House.

Bigs and Littles

Ryan's Big Brother is Michael Weiss His Grand Big is Samantha Chassin

Ryan has one little, who he took along with Anne Blauvelt: Patrick Kearns.

Interesting Facts

Ryan was given the superlative of "Biggest Flirt" by his brothers.

Ryan worked at a McDonald's for almost three years while in High School.

Ryan grew up about 40 minutes from Green Bay, WI and has in fact been to several Packers games (including the year they won the Super Bowl in 1996)