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Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter (Founded 9 July 2012) is an alumni chapter centered in Johnson City, Tennessee. The Chapter includes alumni from northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia, southeast Kentucky, and northwest North Carolina.

SAAC Members at Epsilon Xi Formal 2018

Chapter History


Charter members of SAAC, as per their petition to National Council:

Note: All of the above Brothers are alumni members of the Epsilon Xi Collegiate Chapter.

The Active Chapter

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Hershey Bar War

Starting in 2013, SAAC decided to assist a project of two of their Members, Ryan Alexander and Jillian Alexander. Ryan and Jillian are members of the Board of Directors for Mission of Hope - Philippines. The project that they decided to take on was to collect Hershey chocolate bars for the working students providing them with a sweet treat, in addition to the supplies brought by the Mission of Hope team, and often a source of food for the day. In efforts to collect the most Hershey bars for the cause, they decided to have a friendly competition with the local Collegiate Chapter Epsilon Xi. The Chapter who collects the most Hershey bars during the allotted time won bragging rights and additional PR via the Mission of Hope - Philippines. Other Brothers from around the nation are encouraged to participate as well. Alumni Members may donate bars toward SAAC's total and Collegiate Members may donate bars toward Epsilon Xi's total.

Totals (Winners of the war are bolded):

2013: Total Bars: 596 Epsilon Xi - 251 SAAC - 345

2014: Total Bars: 486 Epsilon Xi - 262 SAAC - 224 Note: Epsilon Xi Chapter would have won this year's war if bars were turned in by the deadline.

2015: Total Bars: 917 Epsilon Xi - 392 SAAC - 525

2016: Total Bars: 828 Epsilon Xi - 569 SAAC - 259

Current Year's Events

January 2018: Members of SAAC got together at a local coffee shop in Johnson City, TN for this months scholarship event! The day was full of caffeine and cards as the group learned how to play poker. Our beloved brother Tina put together this event to kick the year off right! The stakes were high as we finally got the hang of the game and began betting big. The games ended in a lot of laughter and many of us being thankful that we were not playing with real money!

February 2018: The second event of the year was geared towards lending a helping hand at a service event. Our dearest Becca organized this month's event at One Acre Café. The café operates on a pay-what-you-can and pay-it-forward system so that people who are facing food insecurity can get the nutrition they need without the stigma of a hand-out. Members were able to partner with students from our local medical school to help the café host a special breakfast buffet. We helped set up, serve food, bus tables, and clean. It is always a rewarding experience interacting with members of our community and learning their stories!

One Acre2.jpg

March 2018: We do love to tap into our inner child every now and again! Socializing was done at the Johnson City skating rink this month thanks to our lovely Rachel. Members gathered to listen to upbeat music and re-learn how to use those classic roller skates! Luckily, no one was injured as we glided around the rink.

April 2018: Model City Tap House in Kingsport, TN got a little rowdy as we gathered to play some trivia! This month's scholarship event was planned by Jessica, and it did not disappoint. We had a huge turn-out as we reached into the depths of our brains to answer some challenging questions. Our movie, history, and pop culture knowledge were put to the test. In the end, we accumulated many points and left victorious... in our books that is!


May 2018: Tina took the initiative to plan May's service event for us. She had the unique idea to collect supplies for a local animal shelter. Members spent the month collecting the most needed items on the list for the furry creatures! It was an event that reminded us how important it is to support our local shelters so that they may provide the most nurturing environment to animals in need. Supporting the shelter was a great way to remember that animal adoption is a top option to consider if one wants to welcome a sweet addition into their home!

June 2018: Our newest member Jonathan was kind enough to step up and plan our fellowship event for the month of June! As an always active member of our Epsilon Xi chapter, Jonathan is well-known as a super enthusiastic person when it comes to Phi Sigma Pi. We look forward to seeing what your enthusiasm can bring to SAAC! Welcome!

Members gathered to enjoy authentic German food at Freiberg's in Johnson City and then play some games at Silverball City! We were able to enjoy this throwback event playing arcade style games, air hockey, and skee ball. What a great way to escape our busy lives and spend time with those we enjoy most!

July 2018: This month we had another member, Justin, join the crew! Justin has been so influential to our Epsilon Xi chapter at ETSU, and we are thrilled to have him join SAAC. We cannot wait to continue learning and laughing from you! Welcome!

He took the initiative to plan an extremely unique event relating to scholarship... and CHEESE! Members went on an adventure to the surrounding area of Asheville, NC and visited Round Mountain Creamery! While at the 28 acre goat dairy and farmstead, we went on a tour of the farm and acquired knowledge in the realm of dairy farm operations! A delicious cheese sampling had us wanting to stay for more. Also, the goats were so adorable and accommodating to our curiosity!

Round Mountain.jpg

August 2018: This month was centered around service as we volunteered at a YMCA run/walk 5K. Tasha took the lead with this event! Rain or shine, members stepped in to help direct racers as they completed the course. We kept the participants hydrated as well as protected them from any traffic! Though not formally a part of our duties, we offered support to the hard-working and dedicated members of the community as they finished the course. Members were troopers as the rain set in and continued with a positive attitude!


September 2018: Jessica is planning this month's social event! An update on board game day at Gypsy Circus Cider Company in Kingsport, TN will soon be posted! Thank you for your patience!

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SAAC would like to thank all of those individuals who signed the charter creating this awesome Alumni Chapter!

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  • 2013 National Hazing Prevention Photo Contest Winner - Alumni Chapter Division
SAAC's Photo Submission for National Hazing Prevention Week 2013

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