Sam Johnson II

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Sam Johnson II
Name Sam Johnson II
Chapter Epsilon Eta
Eastern Kentucky University
Date Inducted November 30, 2009
Roll Number EH47
Alumni Chapter/Assoc N/A
Honorary Member N/A
Major Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Film Techniques and Technology option
Birthdate July 5, 1984
Spouse N/A
Awards 2010 EH Best Newcomer

2011 EH Tripod Award - Leadership

Sam Johnson II (born July 5, 1984) is an Active Member of Epsilon Eta (EH47) at Eastern Kentucky University. He is the former Chapter President (April 2010 - December 2011), Technology Chair (December 2009 - December 2011), and Inter-Chapter Relations Chair/Regional Delegate (since October 2011 - April 2012), and is certified in Leadership in Action and local facilitator.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Despite being out of school for about four years, Sam decided to go back to college in the fall of 2008 at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY. In the fall of 2009, Sam transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY to pursue a more specific program in film instead of communications, as well to be around a bigger population of students and therefor a bigger diversity of students.

During that first fall semester at EKU, a friend wanted to check out an informational meeting on Phi Sigma Pi but didn't want go alone. Sam was reluctant, but went anyway. During that same informational meeting, however, he found that he rather liked the Brothers and the idea of Phi Sigma Pi's tripod. Enjoying the people of Phi Sigma Pi and having desired to find something on campus to be involved with, he rushed for the rest of the week, became an initiate and then became a Brother in November of 2009.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Eta

Sam became the chapter's Technology Chair for his first active semester in the spring of 2010. His goal with this position was to make the Technology Chair position relevant and integrated within the Epsilon Eta chapter by keeping the chapter's websites as up to date as possible and working with various other committee chairs and officers. In February 2010, Sam worked with the Scholarship Chair to hold a Wiki Event, designed to encourage Brothers to make and update their own wiki page. This event will be held again in the fall 2010 semester. He is also working with the Risk Management Chair in order to create an event to discuss internet and computer safety which will take place during the fall 2010 semester.

Sam was elected to serve as President for the fall 2010 semester, and was transitioned into the position on April 25 2010, on the day of Epsilon Eta's fourth Founder's Day.

Sam was elected by his Chapter to serve as their delegate at the 2010 Grand Chapter meeting, which took place during the 2010 National Convention in Harrisburg, PA. While at the Convention, Sam participated in the two modules that served as the premiere of Leadership in Action, which is a leadership and training certification program. He also used this opportunity to receive certification as a Leadership in Action facilitator, so that he may facilitate modules on a local level. Sam co-facilitated his first Leadership in Action local with region consultant Sarah Alderman in what was the first local module in presented in Phi Sigma Pi.

In 2011 Sam was elected by his Chapter serve as alternate for the 2011 Grand Chapter meeting, which took place during the 2011 National Convention in Washington, DC. Sam attended the Leadership in Action modules available, earning him enough points to become certified in Leadership in Action. Sam was recognized amongst the first group of Brothers to received this certification at that year's awards banquet.

Positions held

Inter-Chapter Relations Chair: 2011-2012 (since October 2011)

Technology Chair: Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011

President: 2010 (Fall semester), 2011

Grand Chapter Delegate: 2010 Grand Chapter

Grand Chapter Alternate: 2011 Grand Chapter

Honors and Awards

  • 2010 EH Best Newcomer, a new award handed out at Founder's Day Weekend meant to honor a newly inducted Brother from the recent fall or spring semesters.
  • 2011 EH Tripod Award - Leadership

Bigs and Littles

Sam's Big was Kate Steinman until she resigned during the spring 2010 semester. Later that semester he was adopted by Brianna Mauk as the two have gotten along since day one of Sam's initial rush and have since became good friends. She was also the closest of kin to Sam, thus keeping him in the Red Family and keeping Miranda Westbrook (Big to both Brianna and Kate) as his Grandbig. Sam's Little is Kayelin Dechant.

Inter-Chapter Involvement

National Involvement

Other Interesting Facts

  • Sam's favorite show is "Lost"
  • The Dude abides.
  • Sam's favorite movie genre is comedy.
  • It has been said that Sam's beard is the source of his power. If you know what this power is, please tell Sam as he would like to know