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Samantha Mills
Name Samantha Mills
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted April 6, 2019
Roll Number T 2013
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biology
Birthdate August 9, 2000
Nicknames Sammy T

Samantha is a Collegiate Member of Tau Chapter (1848) at East Carolina University. Samantha was inducted as part of the Gamma Sigma Initiate Class (ΓΣ).

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Samantha decided to attend ECU because her sister is also a student and scholarship awards. She decided to join Phi Sigma Pi because Jonas Cole talked her into it.

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

Alumni Years to Present

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Samantha's Big Brother is James Proctor (ΓΠ).

Samantha has no Little Brothers.

Benton Family Line

see: Benton Family Line

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts