Sara Scobee

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Sara Nicole Scobee
Name Sara Nicole Scobee
Chapter Epsilon Xi
East Tennessee State University
Date Inducted April 21, 2008
Roll Number ΕΞ
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biological Sciences
Birthdate 5-26-1988
Nicknames Scooby

Sara Scobee (born 26 May 1988) is an Active Member of Epsilon Xi Chapter (ΕΞ ) at East Tennessee State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Epsilon Xi Retreat (Spring 2009); Sara - back row, far right

In her own words:

"When I joined Phi Sigma Pi, I was a Resident Adviser, secretary of Resident Hall Association and secretary of NRHH. However, I wanted a life outside of housing that let me meet new people and be more involved outside of housing. That was when I received the letter telling me about the new Honor fraternity on campus, PSP. Right away I knew this was for me. Although there have been many bumps along the way, I have met some amazing people and I do not regret my decision to join in the slightest."

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi Chapter

Positions Held

1. 2008-2009 Social Co-Chair

2. 2009-2010 Secretary

Events Organized

1. Retreat (Spring 2009)

2. Numerous Social Events

Bigs and Littles

Charter Class; Sara - front row, far right

Sara was a founding member so she doesn't have a Big.

Sara has 2 Little Brothers:

Further Resources

Sara can be reached via email at:

Sara's Facebook

Other Interesting Facts

1. I love the color red.

2. I was born in Florida and lived in Virginia, Tennessee, Japan and Ohio.

3. I hate spiders and snakes. Like REALLY hate.

4. I use to read a LEAST one book a day in high School. And by book I mean novel.

5. I could not live without my phone and purse.

6. I love to dress up but I’m more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt!

7. Although I own more heels than flip-flops and tennis shoes put together, I hardly ever wear them.