Shelby Hagemann

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Shelby Hagemann
Bull Pride
Name Shelby Hagemann
Chapter Epsilon Delta
University of South Florida
Date Inducted November 19, 2008
Roll Number ΕΔ 225
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Art Studio and Elementary Education
Birthdate August 22, 1988
Nicknames Shades
Awards Unsung Brother 2010 & 2011

Shelby Hagemann (born 22 August 1988) is an Alumni of Epsilon Delta Chapter (ΕΔ 225) at the University of South Florida.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Shelby decided to attend the University of South Florida after graduating from Apopka High School, Apopka, Florida. After joining the Beef Studs and Wakeboarding Club her first semester, she decided to get more involved. She found Phi Sigma Pi while attending a sorority information night and fell in love with the brothers and costume parties! Shelby went through initiation with the Kappa Class and was not accepted, after a long summer of talking to brothers and friends, she decided to try again and was inducted with the Lambda class in Fall 2008.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Delta Chapter

  • Spring 2008- Secretary for Kappa Class
  • Fall 2008- Vacant
  • Spring 2009- Alumni Chair
  • Fall 2009- Historian & Alumni Chair
  • Fall 2010- Vice President
  • Fall 2011- Inactive
  • Spring 2012- Inactive
  • Spring 2012- Alumni

Alumni Years to Present

Officially an Alumni as of April 23rd, 2012!

National Involvement

  • Went to GET SLAM'D Spring 2009
  • Went to Gamma Eta's Hayride in Fall 2009
  • Attended the Southeast Regional Conference in Spring 2010
  • Went to GET SLAM'D Spring 2010
  • Attended Gasparilla/Southeast Regional Conference in Spring 2011

Bigs and Littles

My line!

Shelby is part of the Outburst Family!

                                  Ashley Bartalot (Alumni)
                                  Allisun Gronda (Alumni)
                                    Shelby Hagemann
                       |                                      |
               Jessica Procko "(Alumni)"          Meghan Mangrum "(Active Brother)"
                       |                                      |
          Alexandra Velasco "(Active Brother)"     Emilia Gyork "(Active Brother)"
                       |                                      |
             Luis Morraz "(Active Brother)"        Chris Andrews "(Active Brother"

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Shelby has serious issues with food!