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  • To make table data sortable;


{| class="wikitable sortable" cellpadding="5px" border="1" |- ! Name !! Chapter !! Year !! class="unsortable" | Office |- | Smith, John || Alpha || 1960 || President |- | Anderson, Brian || Beta || 1973 || Vice President |}

Name Chapter Year Office
Smith, John Alpha 1960 President
Anderson, Brian Beta 1973 Vice President

via MediaWiki on Table Markup;

Tables can be made sortable by adding class="sortable"; for details see Help:Sorting. Since this can be very useful, it is wise to keep the possibilities and limitations of this feature in mind when designing a table. For example:
* Do not divide a table into sections by subheaders spanning several rows. Instead, an extra column can be made showing the content of these headers on each row, in a short form.
* Do not have elements spanning several columns; instead, again, repeat the content on each row, in a short form.
* In a column of numbers, do not put text such as "ca." in front of a number-it will sort like zero. Do not put text after the number, and do not put a range of numbers (it does not affect the sorting position for numeric sorting mode, and in the case of a range, the first number determines the position, but if, possibly after sorting this or another column, the element is at the top, it will induce alphabetic sorting mode). Instead, put these texts in a separate column. Alternatively, for the greatest flexibility, alphabetic sorting mode with hidden sortkeys can be used.

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