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The South Region is composed of six Collegiate Chapters in three states - Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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Regional Conference

See South Region Conference

Top in Region Awards

The Top in Region Award is a national award presented annually at the Awards Banquet during National Convention to the top Chapter in each Region. The award was previously called the Top Ten Chapter Award through 2003, prior to the creation of the regions.

Year Chapter Award Total National Convention Location
2004 Gamma Theta 1 Richmond, VA
2005 Gamma Theta 2 Pittsburgh, PA
2006 Gamma Theta 3 Kansas City, MO
2007 Gamma Theta 4 New Orleans, LA
2008 Gamma Tau 1 Nashville, TN
2009 Gamma Tau 2 Louisville, KY
2010 Gamma Theta 5 Harrisburg, PA
2011 Gamma Tau 3 Washington, D.C.
2012 Gamma Theta 6 Orlando, FL
2013 Gamma Theta 7 Philadelphia, PA
2014 Gamma Tau 4 Atlanta, GA
2015 Delta Tau 1 Crystal City, VA
2016 Gamma Theta 8 Kansas City, MO
2017 Crystal City, VA