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1934 DSKs

The P&G article discussing these DSK recipients reads as CSKs being awarded. A later article (1939 I believe) shows Shearer winning a DSK. This may explain why there were so many recipients that year.

There is also a reference that said in early years Chapters gave out DSKs, which would fit here with so many being awarded (Jonah (talk) 07:37, 28 August 2014 (PDT))

Dr. Todd DSK

The 1959 Convention minutes show a resolution being passed that 3 individuals should receive a DSK and not necessarily if they actually received it. This may explain why Dr. Todd received the key (officially) in 1969. Otherwise, would someone have received 2 DSKs?

Here is the exact wording from both sources siting the awarding of DSKs. The 1969 quote would lead me to believe that the awarding of a second pin was prompted by the establishment of the scholarship, not because he never received his previous DSK. If it was awarded because of lack of receipt then we would see later mention of Torchia and Pulver receiving DSKs. Neither event has been discovered.

Minutes of the 1959 National Convention (from P&G 01 OCT 1959) read as follows: "Brother Segnari moved that Service Keys be granted from the National Office to the following brothers for outstanding service in Phi Sigma Pi. 1. Brother Leroy G. Pulver 2. Brother Joseph Torchia 3. Brother Richard C. Todd It was seconded by Brother Walters of Sigma Chapter and passed."

1969 National Convention Minutes read as follows: "During the term of 1968-1969 Tau Chapter reported that Tau had established a scholarship in honor of their advisor, Dr. Richard C. Todd, at East Carolina University. Tau Chapter took this action in recognition of the years of leadership service Brother Todd has given their chapter, in recognition of the status Tau has achieved on their campus. The National Office awarded Brother Todd a gold pin of Achievement as a token of merit and acknowledgement of the honor given to him by Brothers of Tau. Brother Torchia made the presentation."


the image here is the same as the CSK pin. Need to double check this. Jonah 10:19, 30 December 2011 (PST)