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Instead of using a bullets, the list could be formatted as a table. I did this on my chapter's page to list our Executive Board members, our Executive Council members and our Presidents. I think it looks cleaner and organizes the information better, but I want to get a second opinion. So, what do you think? —ParliamentaryNerd (talk) 00:18, 3 April 2014 (PDT)

ParliamentaryNerd I love what you are doing. We used tables elsewhere to show similar data, see National President. They also have the added feature of the rows being sortable by column value. PS who are you?! (Jonah (talk) 09:20, 3 April 2014 (PDT))
Hi Jonah, my name is James Boone. I'm the Parliamentarian of Beta Lambda. We met at Nation Convention! I love what you are doing. If it's cool, I'm going to make the list a table. —ParliamentaryNerd (talk) 13:30, 9 April 2014 (PDT)
Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award
Past Award Recipients
Year Recipient Chapter
2001 Dr. Melissa Cichowicz Alpha Epsilon
2002 Elissa Weeden Delta Alpha
2003 Dr. Phillip Bogle Alpha Phi
2004 Laurel Starling Gamma Delta
2005 Linda Durant Alpha Delta
2006 Catherine Ginn Beta Iota
2007 Kathy Sanner Beta Pi
2008 Dr. David Batts Tau
2009 Alexandra Young Gamma Delta
2010 Rose Durbin &
Dr. William Eggleston
Alpha Sigma
2011 David Serafini Beta Phi
2012 Charlin Jones Epsilon Mu
2013 Mike Noll Gamma Pi