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The naming standard for member pages seems to be first and last name without middle initials (e.g. Joshua Marder not Joshua G. Marder). On the council pages, I think the links should continue to display the formal name but setup them up so they go directly to the correct page without a redirect. I do agree that it is worthwhile to create pages with the full name including middle initial as a redirect to the correct page just in case someone searches by the full name with initial. I just think the standard on the site as a whole should be that we don't have links in articles set to redirect pages.

Totally agree. Anytime we can link directly to a page and avoid an unnecessary redirect, it's a good practice. For one, it saves time for the user, and for another, it helps cut down on the possibility that double redirects will be created if the page is moved. FreshBoy 18:02, 27 March 2007 (EDT)