Teach For America Presentation

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The following is from the Rush Event Ideas of the wiki. Please feel free to edit or add to this event to share the successes of your chapter.

Event Type: Philanthropy

Startup Cost: $0

Time required: 1.5 hours

Resources required:

Materials required:

  • Teach For America Movie
  • Letters from TFA representatives, Brothers, or TFA Students


  • Teach For America Spokesperson

Event Summary:

The Gamma Mu Chapter believes that Teach For America is very big part of the fraternity. The enthusiasm for Phi Sigma Pi and their support for Teach For America goes hand in hand. To show this, we thought it was necessary to introduce the philanthropy to the pledges. In order to do this, we decided to show a TFA documentary to the pledges and the Brothers at one of the meet nights. In 2009, to build off of the movie, we are taking letters and pictures from Brothers as well as other volunteers from TFA schools and putting them in a slide-show to make the connection more personal to us as Brothers.

The Beta Alpha Chapter has invited Teach For America representatives to come to their rush event and talk about the program and answer any questions in place of the movie.


  • Chose a time and date for the event.
  • Chose a location.
  • Contact National Headquarters for the movie or a TFA Representative to come speak at the event.
  • Collect letters and pictures to show at the event.
  • Be sure to announce the day, time, and location to the Brothers and initiates.