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Team Zeta was founded during 2010 National Convention (3 April 2010) by the newly established Chapters of 2010 to facilitate communication and mutual support among the Zeta Chapters. Since the National Convention, Team Zeta has evolved into an unique, social and professional assembly of Brothers bonding together to overcome challenges of operating new Chapters and to provide fraternal assistance to budding Zeta colonies.

Team Zeta, Your Daily Dose of Brotherhood!


The 2010 National Convention

Voting during the 2010 National Convention

At the Grand Chapter of 2010 National Convention, Team Zeta came into existence at a Roll Call at National Convention 2010 when the inevitable answer to the icebreaker was clearly TEAM ZETA over "Team Edward or Team Jacob." After the Roll Call, the delegates from the Zeta Chapters (Zeta Alpha, Zeta Beta, Zeta Gamma, Zeta Delta, and Zeta Epsilon) saw a need to congregate to support each other in numbers during the Grand Chapter; a caucus was soon developed to coordinate policys and actions on national businesses during the Grand Chapter. Beyond the Grand Chapter, Team Zeta developed into a cohensive band of Brothers, bonding together through socializing, conversation, and recreation throughout the National Convention. Towards the end of National Convention, Team Zeta agreed to establish a Team Zeta network to continue Team Zeta's mission after the National Convention.

After the National Convention

Shortly after the National Convention, a network of support and communication was created to maintain Team Zeta after the convention. A Facebook group was created to reinforce collaborations and exchanges among Chapters of Team Zeta. With the addition of two new Chapters, Zeta Zeta and Zeta Eta joined Team Zeta during Fall academic term.


Team Zeta with its Charters

Founding Members of Team Zeta is include the following chapters.