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Theta Chapter (Founded 25 April 1930) is located at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. The Chapter was founded by several Eta Chapter Brothers and is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Region. It is the current longest-standing active chapter.

Chapter History


Theta Chapter holds the distinction of being the first fraternity founded at Mansfield University. Walter Percival along with Brothers from Eta Chapter traveled to Mansfield to induct the charter class of Theta. [1]

Early Years

Theta Chapter Founder's Day, 1936.

Theta chapter was started with 16 members by brothers of Eta Chapter, Indiana, PA. A few of Theta Chapter's first project were:

  • Organize a chapter at a New York Teachers College
  • Organize a Big-Brother program for new Freshmen males

A noted in the 1931 Carontawan, the Mansfield University yearbook, notes the origins of the Theta Chapter;

It had the honor of being the first fraternity installed on the Mansfield State Teachers College campus. The installing ceremony took place on the evening of April 25, 1930, sixteen students and two faculty members being initiated. Under the willing and able sponsorship of Dr. George McNair the boys at once started in to make a success of the new venture. After the return in the fall of 1930, an enjoyable hike to Robin Hood's cabin was held. Shortly afterwards seven men were initiated. During the second semester three more students and faculty members : Profs. Cornish, Feig, and Morgan were initiated. Two delegates represented Mansfield at the biennial conclave of the Fraternity in Detroit, February 20-23. 1931.


During World War II the Chapter went inactive. It was restarted in 1946 by the Chapter's Advisor Dr. Stout and seven pre-war Members [2].

The Active Chapter

Theta Chapter currently has 9 active members. It's members include, in order of seniority:

Executive Board

Committee Chairs

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Theta Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Theta chapter is still working on an activity worthy of founders weekend.

Risk Management: Finance Frenzy

This event was created by Lucas Snyder in the spring semester of 2007 and has continued to be modified by Risk Management heads ever since. The game is based very closely on the game of life but instead of being given a car you have to finance it. In most cases you will also have to finance your house. Throughout the game you can lose your job, house or car and get a new one. You can even trade your car in. Every turn counts as year in your life and you must make payments on your house and car along with any other items you've acquired including children. The resources for this game are all on line and can be sent to any brother that would like to use them. Just contact a Theta Chapter member.

Other Event or Activity

One service event that Theta Chapter is very active with is St. Baldrick's ( St. Baldrick's is a foundation which raises money to find cure for childhood cancer. Theta Chapter has participated in 2010 and 2011.

Notable Alumni

Composed Brothers Are We
Composed Brothers Are We
Senior Vice President (1951-1953, 1955-1957)
National Counselor (1953-1955)
Spaulding Field is named in his honor [3]

Likely Honorary Members

The following men are listed in early Carotowan year books with the Theta Chapter. They likely served as advisors and honorary Members.

  • Dr. William Ringgold Straughn
listed in the Carontowan with Theta Chapter from 1930-1936
First President of Mansfield State Teachers College [4]
Straughn Hall is named in his honor
Father of William Straughn Jr., Member of Theta Chapter #52
  • Dr. Arthur Train Belknap
listed in the Carontowan with Theta Chapter from 1931-38, 1941
Interim President of Mansfield State Teachers College, 1936-37 [5]
Belknap Hall is named in his honor
listed in the Carontowan with Theta Chapter from 1933-1937
Myers Band Field is named in his honor [6]
  • Dr. George Retan
listed in the Carontowan with Theta Chapter from 1939, 1940-43, 1947
Retan Center is co-named in his and his father's honor [7]

Campus Buildings

Three buildings on the campus are named in honor of Brothers;

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

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  • None to date

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