Toan Tran

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Toan Tran
Name Toan Tran
Chapter Zeta Lambda
University of California, Los Angeles
Date Inducted Spring 2011
Roll Number ΖΛ 8
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Economics
Birthdate March 19th, 1990

Toan Tran (born 19 Mar 1990) is a Collegiate Member of Zeta Lambda Chapter (ΖΛ 8) at UCLA.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Toan Tran was born in Vietnam, but was raised in the Bay Area. He attended Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California. He originally entered UCLA as a premed, but soon found economics to be more fitting for him. In attempt to become more involved on campus, he decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi in Spring 2011. After successfully completing the initiation process and establishing the new colony at UCLA, he officially became an active member on June 3rd, 2011. As of Winter 2012, he holds the position of both Social Chair and Initiate Adviser.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Lambda Chapter

  • Social Chair Spring 2011-Current
  • Initiate Adviser Winter 2012-Current

National Involvement

  • N/A

Bigs and Littles

As a founding member Toan has no Big.

Toan currently has 4 Littles:

  • Kenneth Teh - Alpha Class
  • Chae Kim - Alpha Class
  • Valerie Lim - Alpha Class
  • Cindi Tang - Alpha Class

Further Resources

  • Feel free to find and contact me on Facebook

Other Interesting Facts

  • Toan will be working at Ernst & Young as an External Auditor starting Fall 2012
  • Toan loves snowboarding
  • Toan spends too much time watching Netflix
  • Toan currently works in Campbell Hall at UCLA (so stop by to say hi if you're around)