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{{Infobox Brother
| image        = 484466_3579103404172_1789476629_n.jpg
| caption      =  Amanda at the beach
| name          =  Amanda Gray
| chapter      = Beta Eta
| school        = Lock Haven University
| inducted      = Spring 2012
| rollnumber    =
| birth_date    = May 8th, 1992
| major        = Health and Physical Education
| spouse        =
| nicknames    = Mandi, Manderz
| awards        = none
'''Amanda Gray''' is an Collegiate Member of [[Beta Eta Chapter]]  at Lock Haven University.
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
Natalie initiated in Spring 2012 with the Alpha Xi class.  In the Alpha Xi class i was head of social committee, and we had an amazing event that let everyone relive their childhood gym class days.  Yes scooters were involved and yes it was amazing!  For fall of 2012 Amanda was elected as the Alumni Chair and really strived to get alumni more involved with the chapter and in events.  Amanda is excited to have the position for this semester and is really enjoying getting to work with and know the alumni.
== Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter ==
* Spring 2012: Initiate-Head of social commitee
* Fall 2012: Alumni
* Spring 2012:
* Fall 2011:
== Alumni Years to Present ==
== National Involvement ==
== Bigs and Littles ==
Amanda's Awesome Big Brother is [[Ashley Neuin]], and is a member of the Sea Monkey family. The Best family <3
Amanda  has one little, [[Sharina Jaminez]].
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
* FDG leader in the Global Honors Program
* Hometown is Telford, PA (30 min outside of Philly)
* Possible Occupations: Health and Physical Edcuator, Gymnastics Coach, Principal
* Has coached gymnastics for over 6 years.
* State gymnastics champion on floor, bars, vault in 2011
* Memeber of a multicultural dance group
* Likes: gymnastics, dance, shopping
* Dislikes: Waiting in lines, most food
'''Status:''' Active (and Single)
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