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#REDIRECT [[Allison Neuin]]
{{Infobox Brother
| image        = Ashley_Neuin.jpg
| caption      = Ashley posing for the camera!
| name          =  Ashley Neuin
| chapter      = Beta Eta
| school        = Lock Haven University
| inducted      = Spring 2010
| rollnumber    =
| birth_date    = January 17, 1991
| major        = Social Work
| spouse        =
| nicknames    = Neuin,A-neu,neuy gooey
| awards        = Initiate Fellowship Award, Outstanding Brother Award
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'''Ashley Neuin''' is an Collegiate Member of [[Beta Eta Chapter]]  at Lock Haven University.
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
Ashley  initiated in Spring 2010 with the Alpha Kappa class. She won the Initiate Fellowship Award which is a great honor as an initiate. As a class they became really close and they are still close to this day.
For Fall 2012 Ashley got elected to be Self-Assessment chair for the semester.
== Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter ==
* Spring 2012:
* Fall 2012: Self-Assessment Chair
* Spring 2012:
* Fall 2011:
== Alumni Years to Present ==
== National Involvement ==
== Bigs and Littles ==
Ashley's Awesome Big Brother is [[Amy Burke]], and is a member of the Seamonkey family. Seamonkeys fo Life!!!
Natalie has one little, [[Amanda Gray]]. She is amazing!!! :)
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
* Treasurer of the Social Work Club 
* Best friend is fellow brother [[Randi Wheeland]]
* Hometown is York, Pa.
* Has worked at Dairy Queen since she was 16 years old. Wants to one day own her own. 
* Loves being around friends and family.
* Fears: The dark, unknown places, scary movies, and dying alone.
* The oldest of nine children
* Has a puggle named Bella.
* Likes: Going to the mountains, hiking, dancing, having a nice cold one by the water, and FOOD!
*I’m waiting for my prince charming to come sweep me off my feet and live happily ever after.
'''Status:''' Single and loving it.
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