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Debby Carter
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Name Debby Carter
Chapter Beta Zeta
University of Georgia
Date Inducted April 2, 2005
Roll Number 381
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Atlanta Area Alumni Association
Honorary Member
Major Social Work
Birthdate August 27, 1986
Spouse Sean Carter
Nicknames "Debbster" - from Big, Caroline Strelitz. "Little Debbie" - from RollCall. "Debbers" - from Brothers of Epsilon Theta.
Awards "Most Thoughtful" "Most Caring" "Most Dedicated" "Phi Sigma Pi Tripod Award"

Debby Harnishfeger Carter (born 27 August 1986) is an Alumni Member of Beta Zeta Chapter (ΒΖ 381) at University of Georgia. Debby exercises her Alumni awesomeness as a member of the National Alumni Association and the Atlanta Area Alumni Association. She has absolutely loved her experiences at the 2010 Alternative Break Project, 2011 Alternative Break Project, and the 2012 Alternative Break Project. Debby has served on the National Development Committee, Constitution and Chapter Standards Committee, and the Sanctions Appeal Board. Debby has achieved Leadership in Action certification, is a trained Local Facilitator, and is more than happy to travel and bring LIA to interested Chapters.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Debby decided to attend the University of Georgia and began her college career in Fall of 2004. She was a member of the nationally acclaimed Redcoat Marching Band that football season. One night in Spring 2005, after finishing a women's self-defense class, she was wandering around the Tate Student Center looking for someone she knew who could loan her enough money to pay the fee to get out of the parking deck. Little did she know she was about to find something much more valuable than money. To be continued... (with equally corny cliff-hangers)

Alpha Alpha Induction Class

Spring 2005

Collegiate Years at Beta Zeta Chapter

One of my current projects is uploading Initiate classes to the Wiki. It's an awesome journey through Beta Zeta's history! Check out my progress at List of Beta Zeta Chapter Initiate Classes. (Debby 14:52, 2 June 2010 (PDT))

2005 Spring - Parliamentarian of Alpha Alpha Initiate Class; April 2, 2005 - Inducted at Retreat; Fall - Service Committee

2006 Spring - Service Committee; Fall - Brother at Large; Fall - Bylaw Review Committee

2007 Spring - Brother at Large; Spring - Bylaw Review Committee; Fall - Historian; Fall - Bylaw Review Committee; Fall - Alumni Committee

2008 Spring - Bylaw Review Committee; Spring - Alumni Committee; Created Beta Zeta Family Tree

2009 Spring - Alumni Committee; Fall - Alumni Committee; December 2, 2009 - Epsilon Chi Chapter Founding at North Georgia College and State University

2010 Spring - Alumni Chair; Spring - Alumni Committee; Fall - PR Committee; Fall - Interim PR Chair; Fall - Semi-Formal Co-Chair for the TriWizard Tournament and Yule Ball

2011 Spring - Kennesaw Mountain Hike hosted by Gamma Delta Chapter

Alumni Years to Present

Recent roles as Mid-South Regional Volunteer, LIA Local Facilitator, and most recently serving as an Alumni Ambassador at the 2014 National Convention in Atlanta.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Grand Littles:

Great-Grand Littles:

Great-Great-Grand Littles:

  • Manouela's Little is Stefanie Karwoski, who resigned from PSP in 2011 in order to fully serve her office as President of AIESEC.
  • A'Ronn's Little is Nicole Nation, who is an active Brother in Beta Zeta.

Great-Great-Great-Grand Littles:

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand Little:

  • Nicole Nation and Taylor Lee co-Biged their new Little Braxton Tyler Bodenhamer, who is now an active Brother in Beta Zeta.
Debby Harnishfeger Family Tree
Rachel Faulkenberry (Ρ)
Caroline Strelitz (Φ)
Debby Harnishfeger (ΑΑ) Daniel Anthony (Χ)
Lindsey Share (ΑΓ) Gregory Tourial (ΑΛ) Gina Taylor (ΑΜ)
Amanda Farmer (ΑΕ) Michael Moldoveanu (ΑΝ) Jane Wu (ΑΝ) Randy Li (ΑΝ)
Manouela Valtcheva (ΑΗ) A'Ronn Neal (ΑΙ)
Stefanie Karwoski (ΑΚ) Nicole Nation (ΑΚ)
Katherine Menezes (ΑΛ) Stephanie Denham (ΑΛ) Taylor Lee (ΑΛ)

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • I spent 6 wonderful years in Beta Zeta, and have happily transitioned into life as an Alumni Brother.
  • I welcomed 12 initiate classes into Beta Zeta and watched equally as many Brothers transition into Alumni.
  • I still have my Initiate Folder from when I rushed in 2005. I still have all the notes I have ever taken at Grand Chapters and National Conventions.
  • The stars must have aligned when I rushed because VP of Chapter Development Kyle Williams and International Super Star/ Director of Expansion Ryan DeGuzman rushed in Spring 2005 as well.