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== Other Interesting Facts ==
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Swayamjit Saha[http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8007-8902] on ORCID[https://orcid.org/].

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Swayamjit Saha is an Indian Bengali researcher. He is a research assistant at the Indian Statistical Institute [1] and was a student of South Point School, Kolkata[2]. Prior to joining the Indian Statistical Institute, he has also worked at University of Calcutta[3] and Jadavpur University, Kolkata[4].

Early Life

Saha has an interest in the field of Computer Science from his high school days. Saha has involved in many activity groups from a very tender age which inflated his thinking skills in working towards a career in research. From his early days, he is exposed to computers. The fact that how a computer does what it does excites and thrives him to know more about the subject.

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

Saha is an alumnus of South Point School[5]In 2016, he started his college life at West Bengal University of Technology majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.

Research Involvement

2019 - present: Image Analysis (from Indian Statistical Institute) 2018: Image Processing (from University of Calcutta) 2018: Natural Language Processing (from Jadavpur University)

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Swayamjit Saha[6] on ORCID[7].