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Swayamjit Saha is an Indian Bengali researcher. He is a research assistant at the Indian Statistical Institute [1] and was a student of South Point School, Kolkata[2]. Prior to joining the Indian Statistical Institute, he has also worked at University of Calcutta[3] and Jadavpur University, Kolkata[4].

Early Life

Saha has an interest in the field of Computer Science from his high school days. Saha has involved in many activity groups from a very tender age which inflated his thinking skills in working towards a career in research. From his early days, he is exposed to computers. The fact that how a computer does what it does excites and thrives him to know more about the subject.

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

In 2016, he started his college life at West Bengal University of Technology majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.

Research Involvement

2019 - present: Image Analysis (from Indian Statistical Institute) 2018: Image Processing (from University of Calcutta) 2018: Natural Language Processing (from Jadavpur University)

Further Resources

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Other Interesting Facts

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