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Karleen Lindsey is a rescuer Combat Shooter System and caretaker of several dogs, but in order to do this she needs a work-at-home business that will give her the schedule she needs to accomplish her passion of dog rescue and care. She now sells self-defense products and is an advocate of safety and self-reliance for women and especially safety for children. The polar shift 2012 is something that people are talking about nowadays. Ever since the movie 2012 was shown in cinemas and the Mayan prophecy was made known to the public, people have been going on and on about it. Some have even become obsessed with the thought that in the year 2012, specifically on December 21, 2012, the world would end. There have been discussions about whether or not this is true and they have even interpreted the Mayan prophecy in different ways.

If there will be a reversal of the magnetic poles or a physical shift of the North and South Poles, what is expected to happen? It is known and explained by many experts on this matter that if there is a sudden shift, the world will be in chaos. Catastrophic events would occur and there is a possibility the world would cease to exist.

Just the sound of "polar shift 2012" makes people shiver because of the articles and movies that were created based on this phenomenon. It gave people a great deal of what ifs and it made them think. They became more aware of the planet because it made them realize that like everything in the universe, the Earth is an old being. Now, people all over the globe are trying to become more earth friendly. But is this enough to prevent the polar reversals?