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The fissure can bleed and be very painful. As with any Fungus Hacks open wound in the skin, this provides the potential for an infection to enter the body. Without regular self-examination of the foot and wounds, and knowing when to call a podiatrist, infections are capable of causing gangrene. Diabetic patients are especially at risk for gangrene, which is the death of tissues near the infection from loss of oxygen supply.

You should immediately call a podiatrist if you suspect infection or gangrene near a heel fissure because it can spread through the body and cause tissue death in vital organs.To prevent all of these problems, several steps can be taken to avoid heel fissures in the first place! One way to begin preventing a heel spur is to try to prevent any heel calluses from forming. Ways to do this would be to decrease the amount of friction and rubbing that your heel has to deal with by purchasing properly fitting shoes.

Some calluses can also form as a result of an abnormal bony growth in the skeleton of the foot which may require orthotics or surgical correction in order to stop the development of calluses. Another step in heel fissure prevention, especially in the cold dry winter months, would be to properly moisturize the skin of your feet. So remember that even though it's still a few more months until it's time to bust out the sandals and flaunt your toes, moisturizing and taking good care of your feet is important all year long!!