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#REDIRECT [[Holly Salvia]]
{{Infobox Brother
| image        = Red_Dogs.jpg
| caption      = Holly second from left with the Red Dog family
| name          =  Holly Salvia
| chapter      = Beta Eta
| school        = Lock Haven University
| inducted      = Spring 2010
| rollnumber    =
| birth_date    = February 6, 1990
| major        = Elementary Education K-6
| spouse        = N/A
| nicknames    = Holls
| awards        = Brother Leadership Award, Brother Fellowship Award
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'''Holly Salvia" is an Collegiate Member of [[Beta Eta Chapter]] at Lock Haven University.
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
Holly initiated in spring 2010 with the Alpha Kappa class. She was the Secretary of her initiating class. She soon after ran and was elected the Social chair where she held events such as Minute to Win it, A welcome back social full of New Year events, as well as St. Patrick’s day social where we made Shamrock Shakes and enjoyed Irish foods it was a successful semester social wise for the chapter.For the 2011-2012 Fall-Spring semesters Holly was elected the Executive Secretary for the chapter where she worked closely with Nationals as well as with the chapters President to ensure good communication between Nationals and the chapter throughout the year.  She also updated many things within the chapter to allow for a smoother point system recording system, as well as updating the documents on the website and google documents. In the Spring of 2012 Holly was elected the President for the chapters upcoming year 2012-2013 where she is currently serving the chapter.  Holly’s goals for the chapter are to increase fellowship while this is an area that we do not particularly lack she does hope to continue its success from the past.  She also hopes to increase the Risk Management awareness within the chapter.
== Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter ==
* Spring 2013: Beta Eta President
* Fall 2012: Beta Eta President
* Spring 2012: Executive Secretary
* Fall 2011: Executive Secretary
*Spring 2010: Social Chair
== Alumni Years to Present ==
== National Involvement ==
== Bigs and Littles ==
Holly’s Awesome Big Brother is [[Christina Schneider]], and is a member of the Red Dog family. The oldest family that Beta Eta still has, we currently have 5 Red Dogs, and we are continuing to grow!
Holly has two little’s who were twins, [[Mariah Easton]] and [[Sabine Clark]].
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
* Holly’s Best friends are also brothers of Phi Sigma Pi, and roommates Samantha Hippler and Mariah Easton as well as Sabine Clark.
* Hometown is Pitman, NJ
* Holly works at Rowan University’s Summer Day Camp where she enjoys every moment with her third graders.
* Possible Occupations: Elementary Education Teacher, loving every day, never working a day in her life.
* Is most well known for her singing in the shower, as well as sending rapid fire text messages, and her awesome dinosaur noise, which has become the Red Dog call.
* Likes: Reading books, spending time with my friends, scary movies as well as scaring people, she loves chicken and peppermint patties, she loves chocolate as well as her daily glass of chocolate milk.
*Her favorite animal is the turtle
* Dislikes: Bullying, seafood, close mindedness
'''Status:''' Active (and Single)
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