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#REDIRECT [[Jeannelle Gervais]]
{{Infobox Brother
| image        = 578452_4422835884836_437853338_n.jpg
| caption      =
| name          =  Jeannelle Gervais
| chapter      = Beta Eta
| school        = Lock Haven University
| inducted      = Spring 2012
| rollnumber    =
| birth_date    = June 3rd, 1991
| major        = Psychology
| spouse        = Gerard Butler 
| nicknames    =
| awards        =
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'''Jeannelle Gervais''' is an Collegiate Member of [[Beta Eta Chapter]]  at Lock Haven University.
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
Jeannelle initiated in Spring 2012 with the Alpha Xi class. For Fall 2012 Jeannelle hosted a Family Feud event, which was enjoyed by all. The highlight for the night was Ryan Collins giving the answer that Michael Jackson wore a jersey. Jeanelle has many other events planned for the semester like a mini social to Spook Haven, throwback gym event and an ugly sweater party.
== Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter ==
* Fall 2012: Social Chair
== Alumni Years to Present ==
== National Involvement ==
== Bigs and Littles ==
Jeannelle's Big Brother is [[Jasmin Stone]], and is a member of the [[Beta Eta Chapter Tiger Family]]. The Best family ever. RAWR!!!
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
* Member of Radio Club
* Member of Psychology Club
* Hometown is Schwenksville, PA
* Psychology Major, with future plans in going to graduate school, getting a PhD and eventually opening own private practice
* Possible Occupations: Creeper...I mean Investigator for the FBI
* Is most well known for her sassiness and judging facial expressions
* Has a stuffed bear named teddy, short for Theodore Reginald
* Teaches Creeping 450 at a university near you
* Likes: Reading, writing, epic sword fights, jamming in traffic, dancing and long walks on the moon, being sarcastic
* Dislikes: Slow walkers, babies crying in fancy restuarants, being stuck in traffic
*I just want to meet someone who is awesomely awesome
'''Status:''' Active (and Single)
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