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{{Infobox Brother
| image        = [[Image:Kristin Cuprzinski2.jpg]]
| name          = Kristin Cuprzinski
| chapter      = Gamma Xi
| school        = Drexel University
| inducted      = Fall 2009
| roll number  = Γ Ξ 268
| birth_date    = July 11, 1989
| major        = Business Administration - Legal Studies
| nicknames    = Kris, Coops, Cupcake, Kink
Kristin Cuprzinski (born 11 July 1989) is an Collegiate Member of Gamma Xi Chapter (ΓΞ 268) at [Drexel University].
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
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== Collegiate Years at Gamma Xi ==
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Kristin Held the Following Positions:
*Service Chair Fall 2008
*Brotherhood Chair Fall 2009
*Service Chair Spring 2011
== Bigs and Littles ==
Kristin's Big Brother is Shaw Levin, who is now an alumni and has a full time job.
Kristin has 2 Littles, 2 Grand-Littles and 1 Great-Grand Little:
* Melanie Dee, Active
**Christe Thompson
***Bhaveet Wora
* Amanda Pentecost, Active
**Samantha Holmes
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
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