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#REDIRECT [[Whynter Morgan]]
{{Infobox Brother
| image        = [[File: untitled2.png]]
| name          =  Whynter Morgan
| chapter      = Epsilon Delta
| school        = University of South Florida
| inducted      = Spring 2012
| rollnumber    = ###
| birth_date    = September 27, 1993
| major        = History and Spanish
| nicknames    =
| awards        =
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'''Whynter Morgan''' (born  27 09 1993) is a Member of [[Epsilon Delta Chapter]] at the  University of South Florida.
==''Early Fraternity Life and Career'' ==
Whynter decided to attend the University of South Florida in August 2011. She decided to get more involved in USF and began to join as much organisations. She ended up going to an information meeting and rushed for Phi Sigma Pi in Spring 2012. She was inducted on April 19, 2012.
== Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter ==
She is an active member and during her rush semester, she was a part of the fundraising committee. As a brother, she is now a part of the Alumni Committee.
== Alumni Years to Present ==
== National Involvement ==
== Bigs and Littles ==
Whynter's Big Brother is Melissa Pocius.
= Other Interesting Facts =
* Loves to Swim
* Has 3 middle names
*She is Jamaican
* She is the current president of Club de Espanol at USF.
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