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Walter Percival
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Name Walter Percival
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Walter Pilling Percival (born DD MMM YYYY) is an Alumnus of Eta Chapter (Η 1) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Walter Percival was a professor of education at the State Teachers College in Indiana, Pennsylvania now known as Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was responsible for petitioning Phi Sigma Pi to start a chapter at the university.

He earned degrees from McGill University and Columbia University in New York City.

After moving to Quebec, Percival was the Director of Protestant Education and Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of Quebec.1

National Involvement

During Percival's tenure the fraternity doubled in size from 7 to 15 chapters. Under Percival's leadership the Grand Chapter during the 1931 conference in Detroit, Michigan changed the National Officer structure removing the Second Vice President position and adding National Historian. The Grand Chapter also established the Regional Director position whose responsibility included cultivating new chapters in various geographic regions throughout the country. Also the fraternity changed from an honorary professional fraternity to a professional education fraternity.

Published Works

  • The Lure of Quebec, 1941
  • Why Educate
  • Life in School
  • Poems of Yesterday and Today

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1 Biography, The Lure of Quebec"

National President
Preceded By
Frank Alexander, Epsilon
Succeeded By
Lawrence N. Pease, Epsilon, Zeta