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Zeta Gamma Charter Class

Zeta Gamma Chapter (Founded 21 April 2010) is located at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. The chapter is a member of the Buckeye Region.

Chapter History


Spring 2010

Early Years

The 12 chartering members worked tirelessly to fulfill all of their duties and requirements to become an active chapter. The tenacity and skills that they bring to the university are unmatched in any other area. In a mere year, they have grown to double their size and have won an all encompassing 22 awards.

The Active Chapter

The current chapter is excited to continue the work of it's Founding Member, Holly Jackson and make her proud.

Past Chapter Presidents

Holly Jackson

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Zeta Gamma Chapter Initiate Classes

Alpha Class: Spring 2010 "The Dirty Dozen"

Holly Jackson, Alex Heier, Ramona Wilson, Kelly Bray, Dana Brennan, Kaitlyn Kantor, Caitlin Nageotte, Alisha Baker, Ayana Wilson, Joshua Malek, Keeanna Powell, Kari Taylor

Beta Class: Fall 2010 "Four the Hard Way"

Diane LaWong, Ashley Lovins, Chris Dolton, Andrea Jewells

Gamma Class: Spring 2011 "Lucky Sevens"

Ryan Houchens, Danielle Ames, Samantha Manzuk, Michael Rogalski, Robert Bartley, Amiyra Alveranga, Jelena Jandric

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Other Event or Activity

This event is...

Other Event or Activity

This activity is...

Notable Alumni

Holly Jackson Zeta Gamma Recipient of the most coveted volunteer award President's Call to Service Award 2011

Founding Member
  • Holly Jackson Zeta Gamma 2010

Office Held President 2010-2011

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

Student Organization Leader Award Finalist 2010

Student Organization Leader Award WINNER 2011

Student Organization Service Award Finalist 2010

Student Organization Service Award WINNER 2011

Leadership Certified 2010 Chris Dolton, Holly Jackson, Ramona Wilson

Leadership Certified 2011 Amiyra Alveranga, Danielle Ames, Jelena Janic, Andrea Jewells, Josh Malek

Who's Who of American College Students 2010 Holly Jackson, Ramona Wilson

Who's Who of American College Students 2011 Amiyra Alveranga, Jelena Jandric, Josh Malek

Diversity Certified 2010 The entire Zeta Gamma Chapter

Diversity Certified 2011 The entire Zeta Gamma Chapter

Peggy Kirshner Student Leader of the Year 2010 Ramona Wilson

Peggy Kirsnher Student Leader of the Year 2011 Holly Jackson

President's Volunteer Award Certification Gold 2010 and 2011 Holly Jackson

President's Call to Service Award (over 4,000 hours of volunteer service) 2011 Holly Jackson

Other Awards

"Pirates of the Carribean" Chili Challenge 2nd Place Winner

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