Zeta Iota Alpha Psi Kappa Family

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Zeta Iota Alpha Psi Kappa Family
Alpha Psi Kappa Zeta Iota.jpg
'AWK' Family in 2014.
Family Name Alpha Psi Kappa(Α.Ψ.Κ.)
Founding Matriarch Dana Fanelli
Current Matriarch Chelsea Constantino
Founded 2011
Colors Blue, White
Family Members 9

Alpha Psi Kappa is family part of the Zeta Iota Chapter. The Alpha Psi Kappa family was founded by Dana Fanelli. Alpha Psi Kappa stands for "awkward", a trait that many of the family members possess. The family is made up of mostly women, with the exception of Thomas Bernardo. The AWK family has three generations in the same graduating class, Chelsea Constantino, Kelly Harris, and Nicole Quirk will all graduate in the Spring of 2015. The family has a member of every initiate class except for the Epsilons.

Family History & Tradition

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Family Tree

Α.Ψ.Κ. Family Tree
Dana Fanelli
Charter Class (2011)
Christina Szostak
Alpha Class (2011)
Chelsea Constantino
Beta Class (2012)
Thomas Bernardo
Beta Class (2012)
Kelly Harris
Gamma Class (2012)
Nicole Quirk
Delta Class (2013)
Dominique Fiorvanti
Zeta Class (2014)
Emily Hicken
Eta Class (2014)
Gage Huber
Eta Class (2014)