Zeta Iota Beta Beta Beta Family

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Zeta Iota Beta Beta Beta Family
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ΒBB Family
Family Name Beta Beta Beta (BBB)
Founding Matriarch Meghan Roland
Current Matriarchs Caroline Lembo and Madeleine Keough
Founded 2012
Family Members 5

The Beta Beta Beta Family, or BBB, is a family of the Zeta Iota Chapter descended from Meghan Roland. Beta Beta Beta stands for Brave, Bold, Beautiful.

Family History

Family Traditions

Positions Held

The BBB Family has held the following positions:

Family Tree

BBB Family Tree
Meghan Roland
Charter Class (2011)
Caroline Lembo
Gamma Class (2012)
Madeleine Keogh
Gamma Class (2012)
Katie MacFeeters
Delta Class (2013)
Maddy Cunningham
Zeta Class (2014)