Zeta Iota Historian

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Zeta Iota Historian
Current Historian Jennifer Schadt
First Historian Raya Abat
Term Length 2 Semesters
Term Start Date Spring Semester
Member of Executive Board

The Historian of Zeta Iota is responsible for recording the history of the chapter.


The following duties are according to Zeta Iota's bylaws:

  1. Keep, collect, and preserve an accurate history of the Chapter
  • Responsible for updating the history book and preserving minutes, agendas and photos
  1. Be responsible for placing news items concerning the Chapter in local and collegiate publications
  2. Provide the National Office with historical items of the Chapter at the close of the academic year at the Chapter's discretion
  3. Assist the Public Relations Committee in carrying out committee tasks and goals
  4. Creating or finding someone to create the yearly composite
  5. Have an understanding of local and national history through Phi Sigma Pi minutes, agendas, history book and Facebook page
  6. Responsible for updating history and family trees online
  7. Responsible for senior gifts, chords and presentations at the end of the year photos

Other Duties

The Historian is also responsible for preparing the senior ceremony at the end of the year. The Historian needs to make sure that all the seniors are present so they can go through the alumni ceremony. The Historian also needs to update the wiki page. The wiki page is very important for having an up to date history. The Historian is also responsible for preparing the history lessons taught during the initiate meetings. The Historian must make sure the Initiates are taught the national and local history. The Historian should be very knowledgeable on the history of the chapter. A good way of learning is by going though the wiki page and old minutes.

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