Zeta Iota Initiate Advisor

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Zeta Iota Initiate Advisor
Current Initiate Advisor Anjni Patel
First Initiate Advisor Lauren Takovich
Term Length 2 Semesters
Term Start Date Spring Semester
Member of Executive Board

The Initiate Advisor of Zeta Iota is responsible for teaching and initiating the next initiate class. They are also responsible for overseeing all the initiate meetings and events.


  1. Be responsible for reviewing and updating the Initiation Program of the Chapter;
  2. Be responsible for maintaining and upholding the integrity of the Initiation Program of the Chapter in relation to the rules of the sheltering institution, and any rules established by the Chapter
  3. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of the Initiation Program approved by the Members of the Chapter at the meeting prior to the first meet night held by the Chapter
  4. Report Initiation Activities and send a complete detailed description of the Initiation Program to the National Office by the specified due dates
  5. Be responsible for ensuring that all newly inducted members be taught the fraternal grip and word

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