Zeta Iota President

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Zeta Iota President
Current President Leslie Briggs
First President Sally Siebert
Term Length 2 Semesters
Term Start Date Spring Semester
Member of Executive Board

The President of Zeta Iota is the face of the fraternity. They are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly.


The following duties are according to Zeta Iota's bylaws:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Chapter
  2. Have removal power of all non-elected positions in the Chapter subject to the approval of the Executive Board
  3. Be recognized as the official representative of the Chapter
  4. Serve as the chairperson of the Executive Board
  5. Be responsible for advising the Secretary on all correspondence, in accordance with the Chapter
  6. Call special meetings of the Chapter
  7. Prepare the agenda in consultation with the Executive Board
  8. Be responsible for informing the Chapter about the national activities of Phi Sigma Pi
  9. Serve as the Risk Management Advisor for the Chapter
  10. Assist and oversee the officer transition at the end of each Executive Board member’s term
  11. Assume or delegate the responsibilities and roles of vacant Executive Board and committee positions until the vacant position can be filled

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