Zeta Iota Vice President

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Zeta Iota Vice President
Current Vice President Luigi Nuñez
First Vice President Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Term Length 2 Semesters
Term Start Date Spring Semester
Member of Executive Board

The Vice President of Zeta Iota makes sure that all the committees are running smoothly. They are also responsible for helping the President run the chapter.


The following duties are according to Zeta Iota's bylaws:

  1. Be responsible for all duties of the President in the President's absence
  2. Act as coordinator and serve as an Ex-officio Member of the Chapter's Standing Committees, excluding the Executive Board
  3. Accept all official responsibilities and obligations deemed necessary by the President
  4. Appoint all non-elected positions in the Chapter with the approval of the Executive Board
  5. Solicit reports from all the committees/committee chairs
  6. Collect reports from all Chapter Standing Committees

Other Duties

The Vice President is also responsible for the Executive Council. The Executive Council is composed of all the standing committees. Vice President is also in charge of making sure there is constant communication between the chairs and the committees. The Vice President also reports to the President and the rest of Eboard on how committees and chairs are doing. One of the biggest duties for the Vice President is having constant communication with the President. The Vice President is the right hand of the President.

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