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See: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WM-AtPS9wmfrn82LZMKCtF0Vi4JiKeNPcqrCGCqfu0w/edit?usp=sharing| Failure to Meet Attendance requirements] in this Google Document.
See: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WM-AtPS9wmfrn82LZMKCtF0Vi4JiKeNPcqrCGCqfu0w/edit?usp=sharing| Failure to Meet Attendance requirements] in this Google Document.
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This page is a resource for known best practices relating to various attendance requirements for Chapters. This is not a comprehensive list. It is intended to show different ways Chapters address attendance requirements in the bylaws and operating policies.

Methods for measuring requirements

Attendance based on the number of events

Some Chapters outline specific events that they require as well as a number of other events that need to be attended. Mandatory events tend to include events such as Pinning, Inductions, banquet/formal, and certain major Chapter specific events like a large service event such as a dance marathon. Chapters that utilize attendance based on a number of events also then require Brothers attend a predetermined number of Business and Committee Meetings as well as committee events: Service, Scholarship, Social, Fund Raising, Initiate, etc.

Example: "A Brother must attend one (1) of each type of event in Category I (Pinning, Induction) each semester. A Brother must attend one (1) of each Category II (Info Nights, Rush Events, Prospective Fishbowls, Initiate Interviews) event. A Brother will be allowed no more than three (3) absences from each event in Category III (Chapter Meetings) each semester. A Brother must participate in at least two (2) officially sponsored service projects each semester. A Brother must participate in at least two (2) officially sponsored fundraising projects each semester. A Brother must participate in at least two (2) officially sponsored scholarship events each semester. A Brother must participate in at least two (2) officially sponsored fellowship events each semester. A Brother must participate in at least one (1) officially sponsored philanthropy event each semester."

See: Attendance based on number of events in this Google Document.

Attendance based on a points system

Some Chapters utilize a points system where events are given a point value if attended and Brothers need to meet a minimum number of event points per semester/quarter.

Example: "To be considered in excellent standing, a Brother must attain a minimum of eighteen (18) points by the end of each semester, as well as meet the rest of the requirements outlined in this Article. A Brother should attain the following amount of points in the following categories: Rush – Five (5) points, Fundraising – Four (4) points, Scholarship - Three (3) points, Service – Three (3) points, Fellowship - Three (3) points"

See: Attendance based on points system in this Google Document.

Combination systems

Some Chapters may combine systems based on number of events as well as requirements. In these cases a Chapter may require Brothers to attend a minimum number of different types of events however allows them to choose which events beyond those to attend to fulfill a points requirement.

Oversight of attendance requirements

Approval of attendance requirements

Many Chapters that utilize a system for requiring attendance will agree to those requirements as a Chapter before the start or the semester/quarter or at the first meeting. This ensures everyone is aware of the requirements and has time to plan for events they are going to attend. Some Chapters also use this time to approve an event calendar.

Example: No later than the fourth meeting of the semester, the Chapter shall discuss and vote on a calendar of events, as proposed by the Executive Board.

See: Approval of attendance requirements in this Google Document.

Confirming event attendance

Some Chapters may require Brothers to confirm their intention to attend events prior to the event. Chapters use different systems that often involve some sort of non-binding and then a binding commitment at certain periods prior to the event. Further some Chapters take different action if Brothers do not attend an event they have made a binding commitment to attend. Because service and fund raising events may require certain amounts of attendance to be successful Chapters might apply fines or additional attendance requirements.

Example: "Any member who fails to show up for an event that he or she has pledged to attend in writing, barring an excused absence, shall be considered unexcused. An unexcused absence from an event shall incur an immediate $10 fine, and shall be included in a member’s total count of unexcused absences."

See: Event attendance confirmation

Excused absences


Some Chapters outline what happen to Brothers who show up late to an event. This may allow a Brother to show up within the first X minutes of the start of the event to be considered in attendance. This may also reduce the points a late attendee can earn based on how much of the event they have missed. Some Chapters may also outline acceptable and unacceptable reasons for being late and any corresponding action.

Example: "Arriving thirty (30) minutes after a brother is expected at a Fundraising or Service event will add one (1) hour to the brother’s required hours. Arriving more than one hour (1) late to an expected arrival time will add the equivalent amount of time to a brother’s requirement, with a maximum penalty of five hours per event."

See: Lateness in this Google Doc.

Partial activity

Because local inactivity is up to a Chapter to approve, some Chapters define a category of partial activity for a semester/quarter. This usually is somewhere in between fully active and inactive with some level of reduced rights and requirements. Partial activity may outline a reduced amount of events required for that Brother, if their partial activity is approved, and often comes with a trade off prohibiting them from having voting rights and/or the ability to hold an elected or appointed position within the Chapter.


Special case allowances

Some Chapters may allow a different set of requirements in special cases, such as the last semester/quarter of senior year. This is often outlined in Chapter policies and made available to anyone who meets the requirements rather than on a case by case basis.

Example:1. Members eligible are those who have been a Brother for at least one (1) semester and are considered by the university to be a senior may apply for Senior Status through the E-Board as outlined in Article VI.
2. Said member must attend two (2) of the following mandatory events: Bidding, Pinning, Big/Little Ceremony, or Induction.
3. Said member must attend 50% of the chapter’s scheduled general meetings.
4. Said member must attend three (3) credits from service, scholarship, fundraising and social with at least half (0.5) credit from each category and one (1) credit from alumni, historian, inter-chapter relations, public relations, and/or spirit in any category.
5. Said member cannot hold an elected position, with the exception of Brother At Large.
6. Said member cannot vote.

For examples of bylaw best practices see Senior Year alternative requirements in this Google Document.

Failure to meet requirements

Automatic disciplinary action

Some Chapters outline automatic disciplinary action for a Brother who does not fulfill their attendance requirements. This may be a loss of privileges such as holding office or being a Big Brother. These actions also tend to outline an automatic way to return to good standing.

Example: Any Member who binds themselves to an event requiring financial commitment shall be responsible for paying these fees before the event begins. In the event this does not happen, the Member will be fined the amount plus 10%.

Alternative disciplinary action

Some Chapters outline options for alternative discipline for a Brother who does not complete their attendance requirements. These may be allowing them to attend events outside of the Chapter that fulfill a missed requirement or allows them to work with the committee whose event they have missed to plan an event or attend additional events the following semester/quarter.

Example: "Members in Poor Standing with a committee must arrange with the committee chairperson to make up for it in one of the following ways: Help the committee chairperson with the responsibilities/planning of a future event. Upon previous permission of the chairperson, attend an alternative University Event in a related subject matter and submit a written summary to the chairperson for approval. Attend an extra event in the next semester. In the event that a chairperson is not able to offer any of the above ways as possibilities for making up the events in question, a chairperson may arrange with another committee chairperson to have the Brother make up an event with that committee. In the case a Brother feels they are not being given adequate opportunities to make up the missed event(s), the Brother may appeal to the Executive Board for special arrangements."

See: Failure to Meet Attendance requirements in this Google Document.

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