Bridey Kearns

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Brigid Kearns
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Name Brigid Kearns
Chapter Upsilon
Edinboro University of PA
Date Inducted Fall 2007
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Psychology
Birthdate October 22nd, 1987
Nicknames Bridey
Awards Best Regional Event 2009

Bridey Kearns (born 22 OCT 1987) is an Alumni Member of Upsilon at Edinboro University. She is the founder of the Tiger Family

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Bridey started attending Edinboro University in the fall of 2006. After transferring schools that spring, she came back to the boro in the fall of 2007. That semester she pledged to Phi Sigma Pi at the encouragement of her best friend and roommate, Melissa Mannozzi. She became part of the Beta Tau pledge class who was overseen by Pledge Dad Steve Ernst. After some internal drama and GPA discrepancies, Steve was replaced by Jessica Jackson who saw the pledge class to initiation. The pledge class theme was "Beta Tau Rocks" and themed events included a barn dance (fellowship), music scene-it (scholarship), and volunteering at the YMCA's after-school teen program (leadership). Bridey was initiated into the Blue Teddy Bear family as Katie Hall's little.

Collegiate Years at Upsilon

Spring 2008 -

Bridey was not able to take a position this semester due to pledging the Delta Zeta sorority and having very limited time constraints. She did, however, remain an active brother and took her first little, Melana "La-La" Johnson.

Fall 2008 -

Bridey was elected chapter secretary as well as Inter-Chapter Chair and Regional Delegate for the year. She took two little, Kyle McQueeney and Ikedi Onyemaobim. She also became the first person in her chapter to initiate "Twins" (two littles from the same pledge class). This semester, after enduring several personal issues between herself and her big brother and finally severing all contact completely, Bridey officially broke off from the Blue Teddy Bear family tree, denouncing Katie as her big. She created her own family tree, called the Tigers, which have come to be an accepted and recognized official family tree in Upsilon, and have grown to be one of the largest families in the chapter.

Spring 2009 -

Bridey continued work as secretary and ICR. She became the host and logistics coordinator of the Allegheny Regional Conference for Trading Ideas and Connections (ARCTIC). The theme that year was "Lights, Camera, ARCTIC". A large number of brothers attended the event and it was a huge success. It was nationally recognized at National Convention 2009 and won that years award for "Best Regional Event".

Fall 2009 -

Bridey was her chapter's candidate for homecoming court. She was escorted by Thomas "Danger" Norway and her presentation song was "Starstrukk" by 3 oh! 3. The theme of homecoming was Disney and Bridey's representative character was Ariel from "The Little Mermaid". Her candidate board (painted by Allie McClain and Stephanie Zlater) placed 2nd that year.

Alumni Years to Present

Since graduating college, Bridey has moved to Florida and become a model. She is currently pursuing a full-time job in video production.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Bridey formally left her big brother and original family tree in the fall of 2008. She is now the matriarch of her own family tree lineage.

Bridey has 3 Little Brothers:


Further Resources

  • Bridey is easily searchable on facebook

Other Interesting Facts

  • During school, Bridey was also involved in several other collegiate groups, including the Delta Zeta Sorority, The Tam-O-Shanter Dancer's (for all 4 years of college, becoming captain the last 2), Psychology Club, Beta Beta Beta (Biology Honors), Psi Chi (Psychology Honors) and Order of Omega (Greek Society Honors).
  • Bridey lives on the edge.