Brittany Bodart

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Brittany Bodart
Name Brittany Bodart
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted April 6, 2002
Roll Number Τ 1513
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Psychology
Birthdate 03/24/1982
Nicknames Britt, Brittbo
Awards Dr. Richard Cecil Todd Tripod Scholarship 2004 , 2003-2004 ECU Student Organization Leader of the Year, 2004 Steven W. Moore Most Outstanding Senior Award, 2004 Clauda Pennock Todd Fellowship Award,

Brittany Bodart (born 3 March 1982) is an Alumni Member of Tau Chapter (Τ 1513) at East Carolina University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Brittany escaped the Blue Ridge Mountain's frigid winter by enrolling at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC after a semester at Appalachian State University. During her sophomore year, Brittany was looking for a way to meet like-minded students and become involved with the university and surrounding community of Greenville. Intrigued by the leadership development and co-ed aspects of the organization, Brittany pledged in Spring of her sophomore year and was inducted in April of 2002.

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

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Brittany was elected chapter president in April of 2003. During her 1 year term....

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National Involvement

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National Secretary
Preceded By
Drew Volturo, Alpha Eta
Succeeded By
Joshua Coonrod, Delta Xi

Tau Chapter President
Preceded By
Mahmoud Sultan
Succeeded By
Angel Warren