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Members (also Brothers) are persons who have been inducted by a Collegiate Chapter after fulfilling all initiation requirements. Once inducted, membership is unending, even in death, unless terminated through resignation or expulsion. There are three general classes of membership: Active Members, Alumni Members, and Honorary Members.

The term Members is synonymous within Phi Sigma Pi with the term Brothers. Most chapters use the term Brother to identify both male and female Members. The designations Brothers and Sisters is used by a small minority of chapters to differentiate between male and female Members.

Definition of Member

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Classes of Membership

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Active (Collegiate) Member

Active Collegiate Members shall be undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program of study at the sheltering institution and who have successfully completed a Collegiate Chapter’s Initiation Program and been Inducted into Phi Sigma Pi by use of the Ritual Induction Ceremony.

Alumni Member

The National Constitution states that an Alumni Member shall be considered an Active Alumni if they are a member of the National Alumni Association or an Alumni Chapter.

Honorary Member

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Honorary Members (also Honorary Brothers) of Phi Sigma Pi are persons of character who are not otherwise eligible for Membership, but have been recognized by a Collegiate Chapter, Alumni Chapter or the National Council as upholding the highest values of Phi Sigma Pi. Candidates for Honorary Membership must have performed outstanding service to a Chapter or to the community at large, and are inducted as Honorary Members through the use of the Ritual Ceremony. Honorary Members enjoy rights and privileges associated with Membership in general, but are not subject to the same requirements as other Classes of Membership (i.e. Active Members or Alumni Members).

Special Membership Designations

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Founding Member

Founding Members are considered to be individual(s) responsible for a particular Chapter's founding, as recognized by the National Council.

Charter Member

Charter Members are considered to be Members who are inducted in the time interval between the signing of the Chapter petition and the induction of the first initiate class.

Becoming a Member

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Membership Requirements

National Requirements

Every member must meet the national membership requirements outlined in the National Constitution. In addition, members must fulfill any increased or supplementary requirements in place by their chapter. The national requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of at least one semester or one quarter of college work
  • Must have two semesters or four quarters left as an undergraduate following the initiate semester
  • A minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale
  • Completion of the approved initiation program of the chapter
  • Fulfillment of all national and chapter financial obligations

After a member completes all requirements and is inducted, they receive a Shingle from the National Office, certifying they are a member of Phi Sigma Pi.

Membership Dues and Fees

  • Initiation Fee: $95 (one time fee)
  • Semester/Quarter Dues: ($54 / $39 respectively)

Termination of Membership


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