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The National Constitution is the supreme Governing Document of Phi Sigma Pi. All authority vested in each component of the National Fraternity is derived from this document.

Document Structure

The National Constitution is organized into 26 Articles, containing sections of related material covering virtually all aspects of the structure, organization, and general operations of the National Fraternity.


The National Constitution was first adopted in 1922.

Current Document

The current revision of the National Constitution was ratified in 1990 by the Grand Chapter as a replacement to the previous Governing Documents in force, the National Bylaws and the National Constitution. Although it was common practice for organized societies to maintain bylaws separate from a constitution, in more recent decades, the practice has been one of consolidation to avoid unnecessary repetition and potential conflict.

Creation of a New National Council

This revision included changes to the National Council, creating and defining the National Offices we know today. For more information about these changes, see the main article National Council.

Note: The National Constitution provided on the Phi Sigma Pi wiki is for informational purposes only, and may not accurately represent the current National Constitution in effect when this page is viewed. The official version of the National Constitution is maintained by Phi Sigma Pi on the National Website.
National Constitution
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