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Article Summary: Article IX of the National Constitution defines the duties and responsibilities of the Collegiate Chapter and provides for the petitioning and creation of new Collegiate Chapters.


Section 1: Powers and Authority

The Collegiate Chapter shall have the responsibility and authority over all Collegiate Chapter Members and the administrative operations of the Collegiate Chapter, except where these operations would infringe upon the integrity of Phi Sigma Pi, the Grand Chapter, the National Council, another Collegiate Chapter, an Alumni Association or an Alumni Chapter.

Section 2: Disciplinary Actions of Collegiate Chapters

The Collegiate Chapter may discipline any of its Collegiate Members for non-payment of financial obligations or for conduct unbecoming of a Member of Phi Sigma Pi. Disciplinary actions shall include, but not be limited to, probation, suspension or expulsion. Suspension and Expulsion shall require at least a two- thirds (2/3) vote of the Active Members in good standing of the Collegiate Chapter. Terms and length of probation or suspension shall be left to the discretion of the Chapter. No period of probation or suspension shall begin without a condition or period of time defined for termination of the disciplinary action. A Member who has been placed on probation or suspended may be reinstated at any subsequent meeting by at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Active Members in good standing of the Collegiate Chapter, after the terms of any disciplinary action have been completed.

Section 3: Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Collegiate Chapter are to:

  1. Ensure the maintenance of the Chapter's viability and enthusiasm;
  2. Plan and complete scholastic, service, fund-raising and social activities;
  3. Improve Chapter image and influence on the campus and in the local community;
  4. Properly recruit and educate new Members to ensure the future of the Chapter;
  5. Maintain regular contact with the National Office;
  6. Define the Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Operating Policies in accordance with the governing documents of Phi Sigma Pi;
  7. Correspond with and cultivate the Chapter's Alumni;
  8. Foster knowledge in the future leaders of Phi Sigma Pi and society.
  9. Develop a Risk Management Program, taking into consideration any risk management program already instituted at the sheltering institution that highlights the issue of hazing, the responsibilities and liabilities of alcoholic beverages and illicit controlled substance possession, consumption and distribution.
    1. This program must be in compliance with all regulations set forth by the sheltering institution, the National Constitution, as well as all federal, state and local laws.
    2. Each Chapter shall be required to hold or attend a minimum of two (2) programs per academic year to further educate Members and Initiates on its Risk Management Policy.

Section 4: Membership Drives

  1. Each Collegiate Chapter shall hold a minimum of two (2) membership drives per academic year, with no more than one (1) membership drive held each semester or quarter. A membership drive consists of a recruitment period and an Initiation period.
  2. The recruitment period begins on the date of the first advertised recruitment event and ends with the Ritual Pinning Ceremony.
  3. The Initiation period begins with the Ritual Pinning Ceremony and ends with the Ritual Induction Ceremony.
    1. All events planned for or by the Initiates and approved by the Chapter during the membership drive shall be referred to as Initiation events.
    2. At these Initiation events, the expressed purpose shall be the education of Initiates in accordance with the Chapter and National guidelines.
    3. No Initiation period may begin without selecting the week of the Ritual Induction Ceremony, and communicating this time range to both the Collegiate Members and Initiates. A specific date and time must be provided to the Collegiate Members and Initiates at least three weeks prior to the communicated week.
  4. The National Council shall have the authority to exempt a Collegiate Chapter from the provisions of this requirement, provided exemption from this requirement shall be in the best interest of the Collegiate Chapter and Phi Sigma Pi.

Section 5: Recruitment and Initiation Requirements

Each Collegiate Chapter shall be required to meet the following minimum recruitment and Initiation requirements:

  1. Recruitment. Each Collegiate Chapter shall, at least,
    1. Hold two separate Information Sessions at the beginning of the recruitment period with the purpose of demonstrating to prospective Initiates both the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi and the requirements of the recruitment and Initiation processes;
    2. Hold two recruitment events for the purpose of allowing prospective Initiates to become better acquainted with the Collegiate Members.
  2. Initiation. Each Collegiate Chapter shall, at least,
    1. Hold an Initiation Program that does not span more than one academic semester or quarter;
    2. Hold a minimum of five Initiate Meetings;
    3. Require the Initiate class to complete at least one event that represents the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi as outlined in Article II, Section 2;
    4. Require each Initiate to attend at least one Collegiate Chapter Meeting at the sheltering institution;
    5. Assign each Initiate to one or more Collegiate Members or Active Alumni Members of a Collegiate Chapter. The Collegiate Members or Active Alumni Members shall serve as examples and sources of guidance to their assigned Initiate throughout the Initiation Program;
    6. Issue copies of, and educate the Initiate on content contained in, the Scholar's Province, the governing documents of the National Fraternity, and the governing documents of the Collegiate Chapter;
    7. Require all Initiates to learn the Fraternity Songs;
    8. Require all Initiates to learn the Fraternity’s history and the Collegiate Chapter's history;
    9. Require all Initiates to achieve an individual score of at least 80% correct in order to pass the Phi Sigma Pi National Membership Exam.
    10. Ensure each Initiate is provided feedback in person at least once on the Initiate's progress on the requirements of the Chapter Initiation Program.

Section 6: Bylaws and Governing Documents

Each Collegiate Chapter shall adopt Chapter Bylaws, Chapter Operating Policies (Chapter Dues and Fees, service requirements, Chapter Membership recruitment policies, etc.) and Articles of Incorporation (optional) to provide for the Chapter's own particular needs, consistent with the National Constitution and Phi Sigma Pi National Articles of Incorporation. Each Collegiate Chapter's Bylaws shall be forwarded to the National Office for approval.

Section 7: Naming Convention

The Collegiate Chapters shall be named in order of establishment, with the letters of the Greek alphabet being used serially, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and so on through the alphabet. The succeeding Collegiate Chapters shall be Alpha Alpha, Alpha Beta, and so on; then Beta Alpha, Beta Beta, and so on.

Section 8: Inactivity

A Collegiate Chapter shall be considered Inactive following dissolution of the Chapter or revocation of their Charter. The designating letter(s) of an Inactive Collegiate Chapter shall not be used for another Collegiate Chapter at another sheltering institution. Inactive Chapters may not meet or conduct business.

Section 9 Chapter Advisor

A Chapter Advisor of the Collegiate Chapter shall be appointed or elected by Members of the Collegiate Chapter in the manner approved by the Collegiate Chapter's sheltering institution. The Chapter Advisor shall be a member of the faculty, staff or administration of the sheltering institution.

Section 10: Alumni Advisor

An Alumni Advisor of the Collegiate Chapter may be appointed or elected by the Members of the Collegiate Chapter in a manner like the Chapter Advisor. The Alumni Advisor shall be an Alumni Member of Phi Sigma Pi. At least one Alumni Advisor shall reside in the vicinity of the sheltering institution.

Section 11: Definition of Good Standing

In order for a Collegiate Chapter to remain in good standing with Phi Sigma Pi, the Chapter shall be required to adhere to the National Constitution and to promptly submit all monetary remittance, forms and reports required by the National Office.

Section 12: Chartering Process

An institution desiring to establish a new Collegiate Chapter shall submit a petition signed by all of the students who shall be Inducted as Charter Members to the National Council. The petition shall also be approved and signed by the appropriate administrative Officer of the sheltering institution. The National Council shall examine the petition furnished by the proposed Chapter and investigate the sheltering institution. A three-fourths (3/4) vote of the National Council shall be required for approval of a new Collegiate Chapter.

Section 13: Establishment

The National Council may also establish Collegiate Chapters by selecting a sheltering institution for membership and taking on the responsibility of securing Members and seeking the approval of the sheltering institution for the Collegiate Chapter.

Section 14: Recognition of Founder's Day

Collegiate Chapters shall recognize in some manner the National Fraternity’s and Chapter's Founders Day.

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