Chelsea Hughes

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Chelsea Marie Hughes
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Name Chelsea Marie Hughes
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted April 2, 2011
Roll Number T 1741
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Psychology
Birthdate September 9th

Chelsea M. Hughes is a Collegiate Member of Tau Chapter (T 1741) at East Carolina University. Chelsea was inducted as part of the Gamma Beta Initiate Class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Chelsea Hughes joined East Carolina University after graduating from Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia. She enrolled to the University early during the summer, eager to begin her college experience. Because of this initiative, as well as a variety of placement tests and AP placements, Chelsea was invited to join Tau Chapter during the Fall of her first year at ECU. Though interested, she wanted another semester to orient herself to the University before beginning the Initiate process. However, she chose to attend the informational meeting during Spring 2011, and was drawn in by the social aspect of the fraternity (Fellowship), its devotion to service (Leadership), and its emphasis on academic success (Scholarship). By the end of the meeting, Chelsea was set to join Initiate Class Gamma Beta (ΓΒ).

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

During her first and seconds semesters, Chelsea was on the Fundraising Committee. During her third semester as a Brother, she became a Co-chair of the Rush/PR Committee, alongside Morgan Brown (co-chair) and Molly Morton (chair).

Bigs and Littles

Chelsea's Big is Ashley Ruggeri, Beta Psi Initiate Class (ΒΨ). She also has a twin, Ariel Naylor, who initiated beside her in Spring of 2011. Chelsea has one Little, Keia Lusk (ΓΔ).

Keesee Family Line

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Further Resources

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Other Interesting Facts

  • Chelsea will be graduating from ECU in the Spring of 2013, giving her only three years to achieve her degree and 4 semesters as a Brother. But luckily, she's a Bro for a lifetime guarantee!
  • Chelsea's birthday is September 9th.
  • Chelsea speaks English, Latin, and Spanish fluently. She speaks American Sign Language proficiently. She has also studied German, Italian, Hungarian, and French.
  • She was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, but has lived in the Cayman Islands, Hungary, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Argentina, as well as North Carolina.

  • Chelsea's Brother Questions (and answers) were as follows:
    • Who were you in high school? I went to three different high schools, so I had three different personas. The first, I was a part of the theater crew. I spent most of my time with a troupe of very strange, very quirky people. I was known for being very artsy and academic. In my second high school, a boarding school in New Hampshire, I was yet again part of a group of strange people. However, I was known for being artsy and a devoted Latin student. I lived in Lamont Hall, an all girls-dorm, and was a devoted sister there. Finally, in my last high school, a public school in Virginia, I mostly kept to myself, but was known as being very friendly and smart.
    • If you could have any absolute certainty in your life - if everything else fell through, you could have this ONE thing - what would it be? I want to be sure that I always keep my life in perspective - that I always love what is to be loved, and avoid what is to be avoided.