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The following are examples of Chapter Endowment Funds. All Endowment Funds should be set up with the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation.

Alpha Tau Chapter Endowment Fund

Alpha Tau

The Alpha Tau Chapter Endowment Fund was created on August 8, 2007. The fund uses corporate sponsorship and fundraising to financially assist students within the community through scholarships. The Endowment Fund has a board of directors consisting of undergraduate and alumni brothers of Alpha Tau.



Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment Fund

Alpha Rho

The Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment Fund is managed by The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. The usage of the endowment is closely monitored and managed by a Board of Trustees composed of Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni who span a broad range of the Chapter's history.

The intent of the Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment is to fund scholarships and eventually other programming for Alpha Rho Chapter. The initial usage of the funds will be as follows:

4/16/07 Memorial Scholarship - An annual scholarship in memory of the 32 victims of April 16th will be awarded each spring to an Alpha Rho Brother who exemplifies the spirit of the University's motto Ut Prosim - That I May Serve. The initial scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2008 in the amount of $1,416.32, with the amount serving as a tribute to the date and victims of the tragedy.

Erin N. Peterson New Brother Grant - This grant program is in honor of Erin Peterson, who was among the victims of April 16th. Erin was tragically killed after completing all membership requirements, just days before her scheduled induction. In recognition that each and every new brother is cherished, this grant program will fund national dues for each Alpha Rho Brother in his/her first semester as a Brother. (Projected Start Date, pending sufficient funds: Fall 2008)

As the fund grows in size, additional uses for the fund will be determined at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, in communication with Alpha Rho Chapter.

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