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The following are archived In the News articles from 2014.

Past In the News Items: 2014

Student balances school and firefighting ( - November 12, 2014)
Sophomore Jennifer 'Jenni' Herrema (ΓΜ) has experienced many intense situations as a volunteer firefighter, but helping revive a patient whose heart had stopped was an experience she will never forget. "I will always remember my first time doing CPR in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital with another medical first responder and getting pulses back on the patient," she said. "There’s no feeling quite like that." Herrema is a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder for the Custer and Scottville Fire Department, being the youngest member of both. She has been volunteering at the Custer department for two years and Scottville for five months.

Phi Sigma Pi’s KU chapter wins national award ( - September 11, 2014)
Kutztown University’s chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Epsilon Alpha, was recognized for their fellowship at the National Convention. The event that won the Epsilon Alpha award was a PostSecret-style event. PostSecret is a community project that people anonymously send their secrets to, which are then posted online.

No debate about it: This program works ( - April 23, 2014)
Tulane University students who enroll in the Aristotle of New Orleans course complete 40 hours of service learning by coaching middle school debate teams in three local schools. Some students, such as senior Lance Tran (ΓΤ), decide to stick around and continue coaching even after the semester has ended.

Alumnus stays on track with new ride ( - April 22, 2014)
USF alumnus Jeff Hornick (ΕΔ) had just graduated from high school in 2003 when he started his job as part time ride operator for the Kumba ride at Busch Gardens. He was about to enter his first year at USF and he thought operating rides was the “coolest job” to have. Eleven years later, he is now helping design North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower as the Director of Design and Engineering at the same park that he once checked seat harnesses and pushed control buttons.

Rent-A-Pup attracted over 50 students to donate for local animal shelter ( - April 9, 2014)
Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity hosted their annual Rent A Pup event Monday, April 7 in the Goldsworth Valley gazebo. “We do it every year because it helps our chapter and a local charity that needs our help, and for people who just love dogs,” said Anne Marie Sattler (ΓΡ), the fundraising chair of Phi Sigma Pi.

Truman students raise money for Teach for America ( - April 1, 2014)
Members of the Alpha Mu Class of Phi Sigma Pi sold bagels from Panera and the St. Louis Bread Co. to raise money. The money raised from the bagels and donations will go toward the 'Teach for America' organization. 'Teach for America' is a non-profit organization in which recent college graduates teach for at least two years in low-income communities. "It's a wonderful cause. I mean, it's a wonderful thing to make sure that every student has the opportunities that you know people in high income areas have as well as low income," said Kate Ginnard (Β), Phi Sigma Pi Fundraising Chair.

WJCC, W&M Partner for Food Drive to Benefit Children During Spring Break ( - March 26, 2014)
Doane said children who are hungry or malnourished have difficulty focusing and performing in school. By providing these children with complete meals, she hopes to work toward addressing the larger picture of local issues. Doane serves as the president of the school’s chapter of Oxfam, a worldwide development organization that fights poverty, and service chair of the Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity (ΓΨ).

Week highlights professional fraternities (The Daily Orange - March 18, 2014)
The members of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity (ΒΕ), Delta Sigma Pi Business & Economics Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity and Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity came together to form Syracuse’s first Professional Fraternity Council. The mission of this council is to promote professional, academic and community service involvement of the wider Syracuse University campus through events that showcase the excellence and intellectual diversity of the SU student body.

Phi Sigma Pi hosts food drive (The Crimson White - February 20, 2014)
Phi Sigma Pi is hosting a two-week canned food drive to benefit the West Alabama Food Bank that will conclude this Friday. Caroline Armbrester (ΔΒ) said the organization’s work with food relief began during Hurricane Sandy, when one of their brothers asked for help through Facebook, and they shipped 200 cans of food to distribute in the brother’s local community. She said they then decided to focus on the Tuscaloosa area, especially after the April 27, 2011, tornado. “We just want to keep giving back to our community that’s obviously done so much for us,” Armbrester said. She said they planned the drive during the spring because it is an off-season for donating, unlike holiday seasons.